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Sci Fi Gadgets You Won’t Believe Already Exist

Sci Fi Gadgets

Sci Fi Gadgets You Wont Believe Already Exist

We are at the point of amazing innovations. The age of technology is upon us. What has been yesterday just a tech dream, today is reality. It seems that not a single day passes by, that we don’t see something new in the tech field that blows us away, be it a product or service that just few years ago seemed like science fiction. Honestly, who doesn’t like tech today? But an even better question is, who is not using any type of gadget or device on a daily basis? From tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones, smartwatches, even smart kitchen appliances, there’s a choice for everyone. So what are some of the greatest and latest gadgets available now? It’s not easy to measure how great they are but here are some of the tech gadgets I’ve came across that you won’t believe actually exist.

There’s a device for dogs. It’s a headset placed on dog’s head that can translate their brain waves into human speech using EEG sensors. The headset is reading those signals and transforming them into mental states such as hunger, excitement or fatigue. This headset can read 4 different patterns of dog’s thoughts.

You have surely heard of drones by now, but did you know that there was an actual bionic bird created. Sadly, it can’t do nothing yet. Future models are set to have gesture controls, advanced sensors and of course cameras. The best part about flying bird is that is fully controllable with your smartphone. Keep in mind that this piece of tech will cost you around $120 dollars.

Also, there is self sterilizing door handle. It’s kind of cool technology since it prevents spreading all types of viruses that are usually spread throughout the contact with hands. When handling is not touched it automatically sterilize it by UV lamps which are built in inside handle, killing any kind of germs that could be on it.

Are you familiar with the hearing of your heartbeats when you lay down in bed and put your head on a pillow? Well, know that there are earphones, especially made for tracking heart rate and consumption of oxygen through your ears.

We live in a time where 3D printers are very popular for creating all kinds of different things. There’s a specific 3D printer called Makerbot Z18 which is large in its size. You can create lamps, bowls and even smaller furniture pieces. It is not for home use but for the industrial area. All those gadgets from smart watches to transparent television are part of our reality, doesn’t matter how weird they seem. Futuristic technology is not just another dream.