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Sales Benefits From Marketing Automation

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Sales benefits from marketing automation infographic

If you are trying to finish deals faster and increase marketing campaign effectiveness, key tools you’re searching for is marketing automation. But don’t think that automation of marketing is just for marketers as it’s powerhouse of business for any teams that are trying to sell something. It gives them expanded and new visibility into journey of the buyer, and a chance to be engaged and finish more deals. While there are surely many benefits of marketing automation, many business companies are trying to find great vendors and are more focused on questions how something works and not why. This means you can know why you need something, but it still leaves a question how you’re going to do it.

Marketing automation benefits

I think the biggest benefit of marketing automation is that it actually saves your business. Let’s put it this way, it gives you chance to set up your marketing campaigns and trigger then way ahead of time and when customers are being ready. For example, you create campaign for holiday in June and once it’s that time it will start automatically. It’s really that simple. Marketing automation is great technology that just keeps getting more better. There are more then 2 thousand marketing automation apps over past 5 years. Did you knew that it’s estimated marketing automation will grow to $5.50 billions in 2019 by software revenues. With this kind of marketing you can personalise message to each of customer. So while you’re nurturing your leads you can deliver message at right time to the right customer.

marketing automation

For example, if you are owning store for pets you can create message specific for dog, cat or fish owners. This will give feeling of direct talk to your customers and not just a bunch of people. But, there are also many other benefits of automated marketing. Many of those benefits are also for selling teams, through automation they can see leads who are more likely to buy your service or product. This is called lead scoring. When customers are visiting your website and after that never returning back, it’s not a good lead but if the customer who visits your page or blog fills a form for a sheet of prices it is already better lead and this lead will probably become your future customer.

But keep in mind that marketing doesn’t stop here once you get a new customer and when he signs that contract or leaves store. This is where real marketing should start. Now it’s your chance to automate your campaigns and make your customers happy. Let me explain this, if you are owning a car store, once your buyer has left your lot it’s time to start marketing. What I mean by this is that there should be either thank you posted on Facebook or email of thank you sent immediately, all of this can be followed by tips on how to maintenance your vehicle. This can help you in becoming machine of delight for your customers.

Marketing automation is really great and its bigger benefit is that it enables to automate all previously processes that were being done manually. Keep your goal and that in mind. When you manage it correctly there are huge benefits from it, I didn’t covered them all in text but you can get a little sense how it works. This is something your company or organisation really needs, so get ready and find the right platform for marketing automation.