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4 Smart Ways to Prevent Floor Scratches From Furniture

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If you are renovating your home and buying new furniture, several decisions are crucial at this time. You are probably confused about what kind of furniture to buy for home furnishing. You already have a bad experience with the purchased furniture that you did not think well about, and it did you some damage to the wooden parquet.

So now you are again exposed to the same trouble, and you wonder how to buy the furniture you want, and at the same time prevent it from doing the same damage. However, the newly installed wooden floor does not deserve to be damaged quickly.

There are several smart solutions to this problem. And if you follow our tips properly, you will save yourself from renovating and replacing the damaged floor. This means that you will save a lot of money by applying these clever solutions.

Surely we already have your full attention, because each of us wants the home to look perfect, without any scratches or damage. So let’s start with the ways that are not only smart, but also easy, fast, and cheap.

1. Never drag furniture on the floor

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This is one of the beginning mistakes that we can say tends to be repeated. You should keep in mind that the furniture should never be dragged on the floor in the room. No matter what material the chair, sofa, or TV cabinet is made of, never drag it on the floor where it is located.

Traction will in itself cause scratches or lines that you will not be able to repair later, except by replacing the old and scratched laminate with a brand new one. Surely you are wondering the smartest way to solve this problem?

Very easily, you can call a friend or family member who will help you lift it up and move the piece of furniture. The relocation will be done in a minute, and this will save you from wasting money to replace a damaged laminate.

2. Invest in a furniture lifting tool

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If you do not have anyone to call for help to move the heavy furniture, and this activity does not have time to wait and requires to be completed immediately, now you can do this yourself. All you need to do is buy this tool for lifting heavy furniture such as a sofa. This tool offers a smart way to move oversized items into your home.

It works in a very simple way. You place the lifter under the piece of furniture you want to move and support it with the lever, but not too high otherwise you will turn it over to the other side. Then place the pad sliders under the legs.

These sliders have wheels that allow easier relocation of heavy and bulky furniture. You repeat the same move on the other side and in a few minutes, your furniture is ready to be transported from one location to another in the home, without causing any damage to the parquet.

3. Place something under the furniture

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Carpets will always be trendy, whether they were traditional, modern, shaggy, regardless of size, color, pattern, or texture, they will always be welcome in our home and will be well used. In addition to knowing how to decorate our home and present it in a different light, they also have another very good purpose, which is to protect the floor.

And I can tell you that they perform this function very well because, with a good rug, you can protect your wooden floor to the maximum, whether from too much light or from direct contact with liquids or from the metal legs of the chairs that can additionally harm.

The carpet provides the good protection that your wooden floor needs. And if you are afraid that the laminate may be damaged by pulling the legs of the chairs, feel free to place a beautiful rug under them and this constant care of yours will be solved.

4. The best solution to this problem

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This is perhaps the most useful thing ever invented. Seriously, the inventor of this product deserves huge applause on behalf of all of us. These are well-known furniture pads. If you have never heard of them, go to this website to find out what they are all about. These are protective pads for the furniture in your home.

And I’m not just talking about protection for the metal legs of the chairs in the kitchen, but it is about any kind of protection. Everything you need can be found on the website. Even if you have a problem with slippery stool legs on the tiles in the kitchen, they are the solution you are looking for.

To protect from scratches on the beautiful and glowing wooden floor in the living room? By clicking on the above link you can immediately say goodbye to this problem. All you need to do is find the product you need, and measure the dimensions you need. The rest is up to them to solve.

Thanks to this phenomenal product, many homes have permanently solved the problem of damage to the woodwork on the floor. I can freely tell you that this is one of the smartest ways to prevent any scratches on the furniture in your home. This is the solution I would choose if I had the opportunity to choose, I would choose it again and again.

It does not take much to find a solution to the cause of scratches on the laminate or parquet in your home. Yes, you may be wasting valuable time and money trying to find the right solution or the right way to solve this problem. But one thing is for sure, that in the end, you will be able to solve it.

I hope that with these few clever ways to deal with scratches on the woodwork we have helped you to shorten the whole process until finding a lasting solution and that you will finally be able to enjoy the beauty of the smooth and shiny floor in the house in peace and happiness.