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Top Threats to Mobile Security and What you Can do to Prevent Them


Mobile security is becoming more common theme in the tech world. People join various free wireless networks wherever they are, without thinking about the consequences. Also visit various internet sites of questionable safety and download applications that are not verified.

There are two ways you can install the application on your phone: from specialized marketd and other locations on the Internet. Specialized marketis can be considered as some kind of official (safe) place to download applications. This is because specialized stores scans each application before it is available to users at all. So if an application contains a virus it will not be listed on the store. Some studies have shown that only 0.5% of infected applications coming from this source. Besides the operating system on the smartphones also scans when installing the app from store so that you have the protection that is automatically updated with each new version of the operating system.

Other applications on the Internet can be considered as the unreliable applications. These are so many websites from which you can download the application on your mobile. Of course not all such sites are unreliable sources, especially when it comes to known companies / sites. So you need to pay attention from which site you downloading applications. What people most often make is to see some sort of advertisement or illuminating window while surfing the internet which tells them that their smartphone is infected – these are false applications and do not download them. To find out more about mobile security, check out the infographic below: