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5 Things Locals Want You to Know Before Coming to Curacao

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If you are wondering when is the perfect time to travel, we would tell you that it is any time you wish and when you feel like you want to travel. So do not find reasons not to travel, but dare. Find the destination you want to be in at the moment and book your flight there. Do you lack inspiration on where you would like to travel?

In that case, we have something that will be great for you and something that you will enjoy. What is that? It is Curacao, a beautiful destination that is talked about by many people from all over the world, and we believe that you will have a lot to say after visiting it.

What do you need to know about Curacao? Now we will bring you a lot of information about this wonderful place. Curacao is located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and is a wonderful place for anyone who wants to enjoy the islands and places surrounded by water. It is located near Venezuela and we can say with certainty that it is isolated from the rest of the world, yet accessible and a sweet spot.

It is a beautiful island that has a lot to offer you. First of all, to offer you diversity by the fact that three languages ​​are spoken here, then you can meet people of at least 55 nationalities because it is an island with a mixed composition and you can meet different buildings, cultures and much more. But you can also meet the wonderful warm locals who have a lot to offer you.

Apart from the beautiful nature, beaches, and beauties of Curacao, you can also meet the beautiful locals here. These are some of the hottest people you will ever meet and who you will ever meet. They will give you many tips on how to spend your time, but also many suggestions that will make your stay easier and help you spend your time here.

Can you already imagine how you would spend your time here? Already planning a wonderful vacation in Curacao? In that case, you need to know what the locals would like to know about the beautiful island before you visit. We talk more about that today bringing you the 5 things locals want to know about Curacao before you get here. Let’s see!

1. The only way to get here is by plane to the main airport

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Many tourists have wanted to come to Curacao at least once or have been here at least once. This is especially true for those who want to travel around the world as much as possible and create great memories and recollections.

If you are one of them, you need to know that Curacao can only be reached by plane, which is logical. Since it is an island, the best and fastest way to get here is by plane. There are boat options, but they are minimal and not the best option.

So if you are planning to go know that Curacao’s connection to the rest of the world is by plane only, the connection is great and there are a number of flights during each day, and if you want to book a flight or arrangement it is best to do it through someone from tour operators, and this website can offer you flights and arrangements for Curacao that will save you time, money and give you a quick opportunity to pack up and go to this paradise.

2. It is best to choose one of the resorts, hotels or beautiful private villas that offer great accommodation

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If you ask the locals about the tourists, they will tell you that they adore them. Apart from adoring them, they always want the tourists to be accommodated in a great place in order to get the best service from this place, but also to receive appropriate treatment.

If you ask them they would tell you to go and stay in one of the best resorts or to book accommodation in one of the best villas that offer great accommodation and service, which are run by locals.

So listen to what they tell you and make your reservation in one of these offered options to spend a great vacation, with great service and to spend the most beautiful days in one of the accommodations near the water.

3. All the beaches are nearby and almost no transportation is needed

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Another thing they would tell you to enjoy your stay is something that is breathtaking. What is that? It is the information that the beaches almost do not need a vehicle because each of them is relatively close.

It is best to go on foot, and if you want to go the other way there are special transports to them, and you can also decide to rent a car that will not cost you too much, and still give you the opportunity to go to someone from the beautiful beaches of Curacao or to do some other sightseeing.

4. The cuisine here is great and you have to try everything they have to offer

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This is probably the most important thing you need to know, and the locals would like to know before you land on Curacao. What is that? That is the information and the fact that the cuisine here is wonderful and you must try all or at least most of the specialties that the locals and local restaurants have to offer you.

Get ready, before you leave you can make a small diet because when you go there will not be any specialty that you will not like. Get ready to try some of the most beautiful meals in the world.

5. There are many sights to visit

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If you are a person who wants to explore and enjoy the sights that can be seen and explored in other countries, then Curacao has a lot to offer. It is good to know that the locals want tourists to always be familiar with most or at least the most important sights, locations, museums, parks, and other places in order to see all the beauties and everything that this sweet island has to offer.

So get comfortable shoes and get ready to learn more about Curacao, but from a different perspective. Already excited? Do not wait any longer! Make your plan, book an appointment at one of the few travel agencies and services that offer arrangements for this paradise and spend the days to the best of your ability – traveling, enjoying the sun and beautiful beaches, tasting the wonderful food and exploring the beauties of Curacao.