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5 Clever Ways to Use Smart Lighting – 2024 Guide

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Lighting solutions have come a long way, to the point where it is no longer enough to simply consider wattage and durability when choosing a lighting system. With the increased adoption of smart lights, people are increasingly considering factors like convenience, customization options, and features like remote control and touchscreen capability when deciding on which lights to go for.

If you haven’t yet installed smart lights in your home and are wondering why you should, the following are pretty good reasons why it is worth taking the leap. By using a great IoT-enabled platform like the one provided by LediBond, you can find clever ways to make use of your new lighting system. Here is what you can do with smart lights.

1. Use it as a gentler alternative alarm

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Audio alarms tend to be a little too harsh. They jerk you off your sleep cycle in such a way that can ruin your mood. Furthermore, if you live with loved ones who are light sleepers, the sound of the alarm going off can be a huge irritant. Especially if you live out of town, and there’s a possibility that a critter can trigger the alarm. These systems also allow you to install special lighting reflectors around your home that are turned on by the movement. This way they not only serve as an alarm system but also can signal when someone is approaching the house, be it one of your own household members or a visitor. Plus, there is no need to keep the light on all night, it will be triggered at the right time by itself.

Instead of letting the audio alarm interrupt your loved ones’ sleep, you can replace it with a light alarm. To do so program the lights to automatically turn on at the given time. You can even make this process gentler by setting it to an increase in brightness gradually.

2. Protect your home

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Every home needs to have some kind of security system that can be managed by mobile applications, enabling the owners to communicate with their home and control locks, lights, even thermostats, while they are away. Burglars tend to target empty homes. These homes are attractive to them simply because they offer no resistance. And while alarm systems, cameras, and other security measures are great at either alerting you of an intruder or helping to find a perpetrator, they are not great at deterring potential criminals from targeting your home. This is so especially in an age where criminals have gotten better at hacking and disabling alarm systems.

You can discourage burglars from even targeting your home by letting the smart lighting system mimic your behavior. This is because it can collect data on your behavioral patterns as far as lighting is concerned, and it can then switch the lights on and off as you would have.  This can act as an effective deterrent. However, keep in mind that the burglars are also aware of such systems and how they work. If you are away from your home for a couple of days, and you leave the same pattern every day, this can be suspicious. Burglars can monitor your house and conclude that this is a pattern made by a system. So, good advice is to change the pattern program every once in a while, to make the light switch on and off differently, and avoid burglars to pick your house.

Also, consider applying the same technique on the outer lights. Seeing there’s some movement around you house, not only inside, will discourage burglars even more. After all, when you are home, you don’t spend all your time indoors.

3. Create a bright ‘welcome home’ setting

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If you don’t enjoy having to come home to a dark hallway, and if you want to avoid navigating through your home in the dark, smart lighting systems offer a simple solution. You can simply choose to program them to light up your home right before you get there.
In fact, since most systems allow for easy WiFi connections and control, you can switch them on yourself on your phone when you are a few meters away from your doorway. This will make your home more welcoming, especially after a hard day at work.

With these led lights, you don’t even need to worry about the electricity bill, because they have proved to be a very economical solution to your lighting.

4. Provide the perfect night light for loved ones

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It may be dangerous for your loved ones to fumble in the dark at night. They can accidentally hurt themselves. And if you have children, it can be unnecessarily scary for them.

Previously, the only option was to leave the lights on, which is something that would affect the sleep cycles of most people. However, thanks to the brilliant customization settings of smart lights, you can dim them to such an extent that they provide convenient night light without being too bright to affect your loved ones’ sleep. In fact, you can even program them to come on later, after they have gone to sleep, something that will make it easy for them to fall asleep, while also providing convenient lighting in cases where they wake up in the middle of the night.

After all, it is proven that certain light intensiveness can be the cause of the headaches. If you have school children, proper light is of great importance for their progress in schools. What has been noticed is that it can contribute to productivity when it comes to learning. As they will spend a lot of their time in their room, doing homework, provide them with enough, healthy light to be productive, yet protected from its side-effects.

Babies also don’t sleep in the dark. Smart lights are an excellent way to adjust the intensity for the newborn since it will spend approximately 20 hours a day sleeping.

5. Add personality to a room

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While adding a new coat of paint is an effective way to brighten up a room or give it a given character, smart lights offer a better alternative. This is because they come in a variety of colors and they can be changed by a simple tap. As a result, they are a more convenient way of transforming the mood or feel of a room around a home.

Not every room requires the same lighting. For example, to add personality to your kitchen, combine lighting, don’t stick to just one type. The best solution for the bathroom would be the wall lighting in combination with the ceiling. While the bedroom would require diffuse lighting, emphasizing certain edges in the room.

Most of us are forced to spend a lot of time in front of computers during the day, not getting enough sunlight. So, adding some planning to your lighting in the house is important. The colors and intensity of the lights can be chosen to make you feel like you have been exposed to the daylight.  This is important because aside from adding some personality to your private space, it will also increase your overall mood and concentration.

Check out Vont’s smart light lineup and get started on amplifying the ambiance in every inch of your home. Go wild with limitless installation options, or mimic what creative users have done with their space.