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Millennials At Work – What They Really Think


Millennials At Work - What They Really Think

New studies are showing that the selfie generation is not really all about texting. Quality spent time with bosses and colleagues still matters, even in this digital age. There is a mayor stereotype when it comes to millennials being workers, there is a opinion that those who are younger then 35 years are so absorbed, glued and involved in technology that they have lost the touch with reality or social skills and communications with people. To some of the older colleagues it can appear that millennials are staring at screens all the time. Instead of having conversation face to face they will choose chatting, texting or emailing at work. But, looks can be very deceiving. According to one study that was performed in Bentley University, big number of millennials actually like to talk to colleagues face to face in person. Out of 1000 millennials that were surveyed, 14% of them chosen texting and 19% choose emails for their first tool of communication, while big 51% said they favor meetings one on one.

Information tells us that millennials actually have a very sophisticated approach to communication than what their parents think and gives them credit for. Somehow older generation is not able to perceive this. When looking from outside world, all they can see is generation glued to their mobile phones. Millennials focus on working for someone that shares their values, gives them respect and allows to be authentic. Millennials are known for their constant switching of the jobs but they’re searching for the job that fits them best. They are not likely to stay in boring working atmosphere for longer period of time, no matter how big of a salary can be. But, 4 from 5 millennials thinks that they don’t earn enough money and 3 from 5 are not happy with the current job aspects or their life and work balance.


70% of them said they didn’t made really big progress in their careers through life. Around the year 2025, millennials will make 75% of the global working force. Usually employers are holding their workers by compensating them in financial way but, millennials are different as they care more about overall culture at their place on work and primary goal of company. Only 30% of them said that they would sacrifice enduring unpleasant or negative job atmosphere in order to achieve greater career success.

If you are a parent of a 22 year old, don’t panic just because he doesn’t have much money. It’s really the last thing on their minds. If they can find employer that gives them family like warm environment for them to evolve and build up a career they will be loyal.  This is in total contrast to the perception of millennials when it comes to jobs. 80% of them are expected to stay with at least 4 companies through their whole career and what’s even more surprising 16% of millennials are expected to stay with the current job they have for the rest of their work career. So, if you’re owner of company maybe it’s time to think about scheduling some new interviews for employement. And don’t hesitate to contact them via chat to set up the meeting.