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How Do Torrents Work

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If we go back in time, file sharing was hobby for people who were lucky to own personal computer that would connect to Web. Fast forward to present day, this is probably a daily routine for people all around the world. When you talk about sharing a files, most used word is Torrent.

Torrent is actually not a program, but a way of sharing stuff or downloading using so called ” peer to peer ” method. The applications that are used to download through this are BitTorrent and uTorrent. Those are 2 most famous clients, owned by the same company. Technology works in a way that is allowing a person to gather pieces by pieces from other torrent users. Lets describe how that works in action. You go to web and open one of many sites to choose from your file, you download that file and put in your torrent client,  larger the file slower the download will be.


BitTorrent is extremely popular client, estimating more then 170 million people using it regularly to share files. It was created back in 2001. Since that popularity just exploded. BitTorrent is not accepted on big number of private torrent sites. uTorrent feels almost identical to BitTorrent, has an excellent speed on the torrents and its better optimized for Windows.

I’m pretty much sure that all those screen writes, actors, directors, just hate illegal torrent sites. To them it feels like stealing their work for free. This way gaming, music, movies industries are loosing billions of money each year. But, there are also people that are not satisfied with only a trailer of a movie, so they download full movie, watch it and they go to store to buy the original copy.

The truth is you are not anonymous in torrent network. If your adress pops up while goverments agents are snooping around you’re in trouble. If the file that you or anyone downloading is copyrighted, it is totally illegal. There isn’t much of a legal torrents available. There’s a lot of examples where people were caught downloading movies and getting big money fines, even ending up in a prison!  Sharing of files has advanced so much, and with it, new industry was born. So the question is, is it worth the risk or should the torrents be used just for legal content?

Check out the infographic below to once again understand how torrents are working:

Torrents infographic