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CV and Resume – Get It Right To Get The Job

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CV and Resume- Get It Right To Get The Job

The market for jobs is very competitive by its nature, with thousands upon thousands of candidates applying for every chance they have. This means that people who are seeking the job should focus on making their resume so good that it stands above all the rest competition. Employers have too much information and on average they will look at your resume for about 3 minutes and 14 seconds before deciding if they’re going to reject or not your application. That is true, because 20% of employers are not waiting for even that much, they will decide this in 60 seconds, or even worse they can reject someone resume before they even read it till the end. It’s really a shame when you think about it, an individual that is perfectly capable of doing specific job won+t even get to their first interview because their resume is not strong enough, but that’s the price to be paid.

If you talk with any job recruiter they will tell you that they see the same mistakes all the time, varying from unnecessary clip art, spelling mistakes, not needed information or gaps in their history career. Employers are not going to be blown away if you mention that you’re enthusiastic or hardworking. They would rather like to see how much difference you made in jobs you had before. If you already tried to apply for jobs but didn’t have any success read these tips I’ll wrote and take a second look at your CV so you can fix mistakes, because that’s the only way employers will call you for a job interview. First of all you need to learn what kind of information CV contains.  Most of classic CV’s include personal information, qualifications and education, your past job experience, achievements, interests, references and skills. Tailor the resume only for the specific job you’re trying to apply for. Be professional but also modern.

Research the company you’re applying for to get the job. What is the mission of company and what are they doing? These are just some of the things you need to keep in your mind when creating CV. You can also visit their webpage if it exists and see if they require something specific for CV. Brainstorm your interests and hobbies. If you have something unique that you enjoy doing in free time it will make you stand out, as they also paint a positive image. When you write your CV create sections for your references.

Check the spelling mistakes and grammar. This is the fastest way to get rejected. If your CV has too much errors it will look sloppy and employers will not be impressed. Try to put yourself into the shoes of company you want to work with and then read your CV. This way you will see how professional you sound. Get real, be honest, if you can do the job then you should not make up something and lie just to get it. Show that you’re passionate person. If you take time to perfect your CV and points that recruiters would be glad to see, you can have high chances of securing that job interview.

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