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Marketing Statistics For 2016


Marketing Statistics For 2016

As we are already half in year 2016, it is interesting to see how marketing is changing, and also see in what direction we are heading toward the next year. With that being said, it’s really amazing how fast things can change in just 1 year, and last year was no different. The past year was all about visual content importance that was occurring in almost every big social network including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. It is no secret that many times marketing can be really overwhelming. For marketers online it’s a tough challenge to stay up to date and execute their plans in the upcoming months. In order to keep up with ever changing pace of trends, lets take a deeper look into statistics in the marketing field for this year. It is estimated that marketers will produce almost 80% more content this year then last one and half of them will increase their budget for content marketing.

This year, companies who have an active blog will generate more leads, around 67%, and 97% of more leads linking to their web page. This year, one of the biggest challenges is producing high quality content which can engage customers, almost 60% of them agree with that. 28% of the complete budget of companies will be put towards producing better content marketing. If you are the owner of business this means you need to accelerate the output of your content and optimize it for leading. Research and create good content strategy in order to make sure you are delivering considered and consistent content. Did you know that posts which are containing more than 1,500 words will receive around 23% more Facebook likes and 69% more tweets? Google for example, is owning more than 70% of global searches on marketing for engines. What customers now want is more personalization. There are 56% chances more that customer will complete purchase if the content is personalized.

Marketers are also saying that the most effective tool for marketing is still face to face event, around 75% thinks that. There’s a 45% more chance that customers will purchase something from pages that have personalized recommendations for products. This shows you that you need to focus on personalizing your ads so you can target them directly to your future customers. You will probably increase your sales if you start recommending custom content. Even though your customers are on holiday this season, they are still online. Aged 18 to 24, 60% of shoppers will use their phone in order to shop around. 20% of them are also sending direct private messages to retailers on social media. But, what’s bad is that they can wait up to 24 hours before receiving a reply on Facebook or Twitter and that’s around 11 hours more than in 2015. So make sure your response time is fast or you are at the potential risk of losing future customers.

In general, it’s expected that the marketing for this year will globally grow for about 10%. 60% will be put towards the further analytics of marketing and advertising for mobile platforms will increase by 45%. Almost 40% of professionals in digital marketing will be hired this year and next year 74% of all internet traffic will be based around video. What this means for you is that you have to make sure content is available on many devices, tablets, phones, computers, etc. Companies who are providing their content to users across multiple devices will generate more leads and make more sales.