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Aspirations For Mobile Marketing In 2016

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Aspirations for mobile marketing in 2016

Going mobile is the big thing now. It is much more than just a simple trend among the people. It’s almost like a crucial shift changing how we use internet. If you are an owner of company or business you simply can’t ignore this fact in front of your eyes and just wait doing nothing. Mobile devices have a big effect on how we work, play, socialize and even live. We use them for GPS, ordering food, entertainment, cameras and much more. Who would have thought that once this ” brick ” would transform into being one of crucial parts of our lifestyle. But, every technology or device changes, and so do the methods of marketing. Last year, the usage of mobile traffic has exceeded the one of desktop PC users. This means marketers are laid with totally new area to pursue and try to attract customers, create relationships with them and make an offer that feels too good to be turned down.

2016 is the year for great innovations of apps we already recognize and know. There are some mobile marketing methods that will surely dominate the year and businesses are trying to understand which one of them are best to focus the energy on. Advertising through mobile videos is growing quickly. It’s not just important to capture someone’s attention through video but also redirecting them to app or webpage. By 2024, the market for videos is expected to reach over $13 billion dollars. It’s rapidly growing since 2015 and will only continue to do. Payments will be highly adopted this year. According to some reports, mobile payments only in US will reach almost $150 billions by the end of 2019. Apps and brands will integrate features for mobile payments to appeal to even more consumers.

Businesses are realizing what is the real value in offering apps that are dedicated, instead of webpages just optimized for mobile phones. They are much more accessible and functional and not just visually pleasing for users. This year, it’s a must for companies and businesses to have their app available for people so that they can access services or products in a moment. There will also be campaigns personalized for each of the specific devices, usate data and profile. Customers want to feel like company cares for them and it’s very important to create human experiences inside mobile as we are moving further into era of smartphones.

I’m not sure people are really aware how big Snapchat is turning to be. All the teens are using it and Snapchat is making a smart move monetizing through ads of big companies. I think that Snapchat will continue to grow even more and improve their ad targeting while at the same time getting more of the personal information of users. Also that mobile automation will be among hottest trends to follow on. Mobile is now powerful force with continuing global growth. I think brands need to understand how to really connect with their customers and push the engagement based on their behavior. There’s a big possibility that when you have first interaction with customer he or she will be on their mobile device and you only have one chance to make that great first impression, so don’t allow yourself to have that customer slip through the hole just because you have bad mobile experience.