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Is Online Paid Media Still Effective in 2015?


Online paid media is very desirable and convenient in business world. It can be very effective when it’s done in the right way, moderately and unobtrusively, when aimed at the right audience and when it occurs in the right place at the right time, when we are informed about a product and service in a friendly way, when offers a discount or an action, when rewards us when clicking includes us in game, when clicks leads to something meaningful, not just a mere closing ad, removal, and skipping advertisements. We are sure that none of the companies do not want their ads to feel unwanted.

However, last researches show that in the world about every fourth Internet user has installed a solution to remove the ads, in which Europe leads. In the developed European countries about 30% of users actively blocks web ads. Detailed data of the same research shows that users of some kind AdBlocker are mostly men (31% versus 23% for women). Apart from differences in sex, a great impact on the probability of the presence of a AdBlocker is also age profile. Younger people, aged form 16 to 24, use tools for blocking ads the most – 34% of them. With increasing age and decreasing use of this kind of software, in the age group form 55 to 64 years of age there is only 17% of users of AdBlocker.

This doesn’t mean online paid media is dead, but rather that there is a room for improvement. If brands want to break through the noise and build companies that successfully engage and convert prospects, they’ll need to work harder on the front end. To be more effective in your online advertising, it is necessary to get to know your customers, so in the infographic below, you can see how Internet users feel about the display ads, social ads and search engine marketing: