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30 Effective Social Media Tactics


Until the social media appeared, marketing has been one-way communication with users. Marketing campaigns (TV, print media, banners, radio, posters etc.) spoke to users which product / service is the best, most beautiful, the most practical … Social networks allow your company and thus your products and services introduce a user to a new level in his field and among his company. Studies show that over 90% of users listen to their friends and acquaintances when it comes to decisions about purchasing a product / service, and 70% listen to advice from people they don’t know, or follow them across various social networks.

Building a brand on social networks has become an important factor and the basis of Internet marketing. Every serious internet marketing expert thinking about creating social media marketing  campaigns. Without worked out social media tactics do not even engage in some attempts to create a brand for yourself or advertising your services.

A well-planned social media tactics with long-term and clear goals can bring you much better results than classical marketing campaigns. Of course, the classic marketing is not and will not disappear, but marketing through social networks provides new opportunities that should be used. With the above advantages of marketing activities within social networks, there is another obvious and everyone important advantage of social networks outside of classical marketing – it is significantly lower price.

Below you can check infographic with 30 effective social media tactics worth testing for yourself: