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Mobile Marketing Explanation

Mobile Marketing

Do you know what mobile marketing is? And what it can get you? And how to do that type of marketing perfectly? Keep reading to find out.

Mobile marketing can be described as a way to communicate with your customers with the help of mobile devices. You can use mobile marketing to send them some message, get them to know your business and allow them to visit your website through mobile devices. More and more people today are using their mobile devices to go to internet and search for some products and services. Mobile marketing is also much cheaper than the traditional one and can give you lots of benefits. Here are some trends and statistics about mobile marketing that should get you thinking.

Internet on devices

  • More people are browsing internet with mobile phones than with PC.
  • More than 40% of all mobile searches are about local searching.
  • Over 70% of people searching with mobile for some service or product actually buy that service or product.
  • More than 70% of people delete emails that can’t be read on their mobile device.
  • About 60% emails are opened with mobile devices at first.
  • Over 40% of YouTube views come from mobile devices.
  • About 70% of likes on Facebook come from mobile devices.
  • About 75% of Twitter users use it with mobile device.
  • More than 90% of all SMS messages are read in less than 3 minutes.
  • 98% of SMS are opened compared to 22% of emails opened.
  • 99% of all apps are only used once.

So, you learned something new? Now you understand better why you should make your own mobile marketing strategy? If you still have some doubts keep reading to find out what all the benefits of mobile marketing are.

Advantages of mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing

  • It is personal – more than 60% of people don’t want to share their phone with anyone else. In that way the marketers get the needed privacy.
  • It is accessible – when you leave your house you take the keys, wallet and your mobile phone. When you are on your computer on watching TV you have mobile phone there somewhere, right? For companies doing the mobile marketing it means that all of their messages can be read immediately.
  • It is turned on – unlike computers or laptops, mobile phone is almost always turned on. But that also means that companies should send their advertisements in four at night.
  • Payment – SIM card is a built in payment system for mobile phones and there are lots of ways to pay for things with only your mobile phone. And customers are more likely to pay for services on their mobile phone than on desktop computer.
  • It is efficient – if you want to create some images or video advertisements for mobile phones it will probably be very cheap. Much cheaper than desktop or laptop. Mobile devices have a lot of limitations like slower internet maybe and smaller screen sizes so your content doesn’t have to be complex, you can do it simple.
  • It is convenient – if you want to start some mobile advertising campaign it will probably be much easier than doing one on traditional way. Just keep everything clean and simple.
  • Easy sharing – sharing on mobile devices is sometimes a lot easier than on desktop computer. You can also include some GPS, camera or other features into your mobile campaign and make it more attractive.
  • CRM – mobile marketing can increase your relationship with customers. Just like I said before, mobile devices are personal and secure which means that you don’t have to be completely professional when communicating with your customers.
  • Mass communication – you can reach large audience with your mobile marketing. You can also access specific location, customers with specific devices and use a lot more targeting tools.

I could mention even more and more benefits and advantages of mobile marketing but this is the most important stuff.

Mobile marketing disadvantages

There are also some disadvantages about mobile marketing. Some of the most important points are:

  • Few standards – you can find several different operating systems for mobile devices, just like different browsers and a large number of screen sizes.
  • Navigation – mobile phones don’t have a mouse. They are also very small and with small screens. And another important thing is to think about touchscreen capabilities. So, when creating some mobile marketing campaign always take that in mind before you start designing mobile website or doing anything else.
  • Privacy – yes, I know that I mentioned privacy with advantages of mobile marketing. But privacy can be both good and bad.

Easy mobile marketing tricks

Now that you know everything about mobile marketing it is time for you to learn some tricks about how to make it better.

  • Responsive website – every business nowadays must be serious when creating a mobile website. 4 out of 5 customers often use their smartphone to access some web shop and buy products or services. And if your website isn’t mobile friendly then it means you could lose potential customers. Your website must be mobile friendly and must be simple to read and use.
  • Payments – mobile payment option must be included to a mobile website. If you don’t have the needed technology included on your website then customers won’t be happy and you will lose money.

Mobile Marketing Payments

  • Notifications – when some customer joins your business then you should send them some email or message and give them some promotion or free stuff. That will make them happy and improve their experience.
  • Loyalty – another very important think to think of when creating a mobile marketing strategy is to realize how to get trust from customers and how to improve their loyalty. A great way to do that is by creating mobile loyalty program. That will offer customers to join your business and with that program you should offer coupons, discounts and other stuff that will motivate them and make them love you even more.
  • Social media – people are using smartphones to access social media networks. And that’s why it is very likely that customers will get to know your business through some of popular networks, mostly Facebook. Take advantage of that. It is important to have a good relationship with your customers and Facebook, along with other social media networks, will help you with that.
  • Understand customers – another important thing to consider is getting to know your customers. Check my article about them (How to make customers happy) and learn how to understand customers and get tips and advices on making and keeping them happy. If you read my article then you realize that it is more important and much cheaper to keep existing customers happy than to find new ones.
  • Mobile emails – if your emails that you send to customers are hard to read on mobile phones then they won’t read it. Make that email perfectly optimized for mobile devices.
  • Follow latest trends – if you don’t know what people love today then your mobile marketing strategy will probably fail. Always try to keep up with every trend and all the new technologies. It can be hard to know everything but there are ways to do that.
  • Keep it simple – never put too much of text or useless information to your mobile website when creating one. Your mobile website is a very important part of your mobile marketing plan and if you don’t make it right then your business could fail.
  • Test the website – another good think to think about when creating a mobile website is testing it. Test it on more different mobile devices, different browsers and different screen sizes. If it works everywhere the same then you can publish it.
  • To see more tips about creating a mobile website check the article – Creating a perfect mobile website.

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