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Best Infographic Template of 2014 for Infographic Design Beginners

We live in the age of the visual information. A visual data presentation – known as infographic, made with a tools such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Keynote or MS Powerpoint, is a powerful marketing tool. Infographics can be instantly distributed and inscribed into a social network as any other type of image. Infographic have changed aspects of graphic design, visual information, promotion and marketing. Infographic is fun to watch, easy to share and promote. There are many free online tools allowing people to create infographics. But unfortunately most of the tools offering limited design,fonts or color options. Some of those free online tools are using build-in infographic template, and your infographic will be usually marked with their website’s logo watermark. Surely, nobody want to use infographic with someone else’s watermarked logo, right? Especially if we need infographic to promote our product, website or social profile. We can easily solve this problem by using infographic template.But before we discuss infographic templates, lets see what are the most common types of infographic.

Social Media Infographic

Without shadow of a doubt, most popular type of infographic is about social media. Social media changed the way how we are communicating today. Billions of people around the world have their social profiles and interact with each other by using social networks. Social media became perfect place for marketing and services promotion. Therefore infographics as one of the marketing tools, are very popular among users of social networks. Usually people are surprised by the huge numbers of social media, therefore infographics presenting social networks data in a visual way are widely shared by social media fans.Constantly growing popularity of social media, gives a lot of space for graphic designers to improvise and create their own version of social media infographic.There are enormous amount of statistics and data about social media, which can be visualized and presented in one single infographic. Social media icons, variety of color and font options makes it even easier to create and present information.

Product or service promotion infographic

As we already discussed, infographic is perfect solution to promote your own product or services. Almost every single startup these days are using infographic to promote their upcoming products or service.Explanation infographic videos are great way to introduce your business to consumers, business partners, social media followers or website visitors. Infographic videos might be a bit more difficult to create, but , once again, using infographic template it can be achieved easily and effectively.
Thousands of infographics being uploaded on Youtube every single day. Even world’s biggest companies such as Google or Twitter are using infographics:

Subject Infographic

Infographic is a universal form of data visualization. We can create infographics about any subject we can think of. Trending news, food, movies, “a” vs “b”, technology, economics, politics, sports, countries, professions are only few themes infographics are created about. That’s why infographic can be named as form of digital art. Infographic’s primary purpose is to present and visualize information. Therefore people all around the world trying to express their knowledge about specific subject by using infographic.

Infographic Template – create and design infographics with ease

By now we know already what the infographic is. The tricky part is how to create one. Surely you can always start from scratch and build your very own data presentation. Creating infographics from scratch requires specific set of skills and lots of time. That’s way infographic template is perfect solutions for those who are looking to achieve their goals quickly and with minimum amount of designing skills. Before we start talking about best infographic templates on the market we need to discuss which software we are going to use. As I have mentioned in our previous blog posts, easiest way to build infographics is using MS Powerpoint or Keynote. But if you are familiar with Adobe After Effects (for video infographics) and Adobe Illustrator that’s also absolutely fine. This time we are not going into the details how to use each of these programs. If you are not sure how to use this software, I would suggest you to do some research before you will purchase any infographic template. Assuming you have already installed MS PP, Keynote, Adobe AE or Adobe Illustrator , lets have a look at the best infographic templates for each of these programs.

Infographic template for Adobe After Effects

Video infographics receives thousands of hits on Youtube, Vimeo or any other video sharing platform. They are entertaining and fun to watch. Most important, using video format – statistics or any large amount information can be explained easily and efficiently. One of the most popular questions I have noticed among video infographic comments: which software is being used to create video infographic? True to be told, there no better software than Adobe After Effects. It’s not free, but it is worth every single penny, that you will pay for this software. Check out our post “How to create motion – video infographic from scratch?” to find out how and where to download free trial version.
There are thousands of AE infographic templates that you can choose from, but we will discuss only those, which are ready to use and requires only minimum amount of customization. And ,of course, we will talk only about templates dedicated to infographics.

Content Marketing Explainer

We will start our list with this great infographic template, which allows you to explain your services or products. This template contains 19 separate scenes. Each scene can be customized separately. In addition to that, customization can be done via separate color controller for all 19 infographic scenes. Marketing explainer infographic contains 18 mins video tutorial, explaining basics of Adobe AE and showing how to change colors, reposition and customize text, how to edit scenes and etc.If you are beginner, video tutorial is very helpful and will save you lots of time as you won’t need to do your own “how to” research. This template is very well designed, structured and presented, comes with build-in tutorial and therefore it deserved to be among best infographic templates for Adobe AE. This awesome infographic template can be downloaded


Infographic template for Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustartor allows you to create distinctive vector artwork for any infographic project. Used by millions design professionals worldwide, Adobe Illustrator software provides power and precision with sophisticated drawing tools.
Using this powerful software, you can scale, move and rotate individual infographic objects, change the font or copy elements at any time. Most of the infographics today are created using Adobe Ai. If you already own this software(alternatively you can download trial version from adobe.com) Ai infographic template is exactly what you need.

Flat design Ai Infographic template

This Ai infographic template features flat, clean and versatile design. All elements can be used for any type of infographic. Neutral colors and style can be easily customized and adopted to your design preferences. Modern and flat design infographic template comes in 5 different colors and is packed with awesome icons, infographic elements, charts and graphs. All these features makes this template one of the best among all others.

download here

Powerpoint and Keynote Infographic templates

Powerpoint and Keynote are most popular presentation applications in the world. MS PowerPoint might be more popular than Keynote, but together they are way ahead from all others. They are incredibly easy to use and comes with thousands of build-in editing tools. For list of best infographic templates for Powerpoint and Keynote, we would recommend to read our “21 Stunning Design Infographic Template for Data Presentation” blog post. As we clarified in the beginning, this post is dedicated for some of the best infographic templates for Adobe Ai, AE and Powerpoint+Keynote. It would be simply impossible to mention all the best templates available out there. Therefore in our last category “PP and Keynote templates” we would recommend 18 infographic templates pack build by our team. Without shadow of a doubt – our premium best is the best value on the market! We are offering 16 Infographic templates and 2 infographic presentations for only $12! This pack is the best “ready to use out of the box” solution for everyone. Infographic Premium pack includes awesome social media infographics, flat design infographics, Facebook, Twitter fonts and much more.
Moreover, our infographics are unique as we are offering single page infographic layout. All other marketplaces are offering infographic presentations with standard slideshow size. If you are doubting, whether our statement about the best price on the market is true or not, I would suggest you to do some research. If you can’t find any better – you are always more than welcome to come back to our marketplace!
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