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12 Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina

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Sexual stamina is a primary concern among most men today, as there is always the worry of not satisfying your partner. The good news is that there are effective ways to enhance your endurance, but you should never be too hard on yourself during this journey. This article outlines twelve ways to increase sexual stamina.

1. Pay more attention to your diet

You are what you eat, and a fundamental step you should take to increase your sexual stamina is improving your diet. Start by avoiding trans fats food or sweetened beverages and replacing them with:

  • Complex carbohydrate sources such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, legumes, and oatmeal
  • Omega-3 fatty acid sources such as fatty fish, olive oil, and avocados
  • Vitamin B-1 sources such as kidney beans, peanuts, and pork
  • Capsaicin sources like sweet pepper, red pepper, and ginger roots.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables for their vitamins, antioxidants, and efficiency in increasing blood flow

Besides watching your diet, you should also try out sexual enhancement supplements that have been specially formulated to help improve your performance. For ease in decision-making, check out this article for insights on these products.

2. Exercise more

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A sedentary lifestyle will do put you at great risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other cardiovascular diseases besides severely impacting your sexual performance. To take charge of your abilities in the bedroom, start leading a more active lifestyle focusing on engaging in more physical and cardiovascular exercises. If you work at a desk, you should prioritize taking more breaks from sitting, walking more, and stretching your body.

3. Get quality sleep

Quality sleep is associated with higher libido as it is the most effective way to re-energize, stay more focused, and ensure good hormonal balance. Making bedtime more relaxed and comfortable will also play a significant role in getting your head in the game and enhancing your sexual endurance.

4. Manage your anxiety and stress

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Stress and anxiety will affect you in the bedroom by lowering your libido and ruining your sexual stamina. If not timely managed, it could further lead to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, causing further embarrassment. Proactively work on your anxiety and stress level by practicing mindfulness, addressing pressing matters before they get out of hand, and going to therapy.

5. Quit bad lifestyle habits

Your lifestyle heavily influences your sexual performance, making it critical to quit bad habits such as:

  • Smoking, which has been found to lower libido, affect the quality of your erection, and decrease physical endurance
  • Drinking too much alcohol has been found to lead to a lower libido, poor heart health, reduced blood circulation, and depression

6. Stay hydrated

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Good hydration is vital for your overall well-being, as it supports better blood flow and eases toxin expulsion from your body. Aim to consume the recommended amount of fluid each day, factoring in your body weight and activity levels. You should also avoid waiting until you are thirsty before drinking water, as by then, you will already have started dehydrating.

7. Work on your self-esteem

Your self-esteem has far-reaching impacts, and it will significantly determine how you feel about yourself and fulfill your sexual needs. It is the little things that build your confidence that you should start paying more attention to, such as:

  • Looking neat by doing a little grooming, dressing nicely, and smelling good
  • Celebrating the small wins in your life
  • Being positive and constantly working to be the better version of yourself
  • Taking up new challenges and making your life fun

Cumulatively, these habits will make you more willing to work on your sexual performance anxieties without feeling bad or embarrassed about yourself.

8. Focus on your partner’s desires

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Never make sex all about you, instead pay more attention to your partner’s desire for a more enjoyable experience. You will be amazed how much working together with a partner will ease your tension and make sex a more wholesome activity. Besides focusing on your partner’s sexual needs, you should also:

  • Timely address relationship issues to ensure they do not get in the way of your intimacy
  • Have more open communication discussing your issues (both sexual and non-sexual) and working towards a common solution

9. Do not rush into sex

If you are worried about your sexual stamina, it is recommended that you avoid rushing into sex. Instead, focus more on having satisfying foreplay, which typically involves kissing, touching, and oral sex. Clitoral stimulation and playing with sex toys will also go a long way in enabling you to fulfill your partner’s sexual needs better and help them achieve orgasm.

10. Try delay sprays and thicker condoms

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Too much sensitivity greatly affects sexual stamina, and an effective way of overcoming this hurdle is by trying delay sprays and thicker condoms. These solutions will help prolong the time it takes to reach an orgasm, improving your bedroom confidence.

If you have to switch from using no condoms during sex to using one, consider having lubricants for your partner’s benefit. Condom brands also never advertise their products as “thicker,” instead, they will use terms such as “extra strength.”

11. Change your sex positions and environment

When it comes to enhancing sex life, it is the thrills that count, and at times your best choice is to change your sex positions and environment. Some studies suggest that some sexual positions will help you last longer while a new environment will offer a more exciting experience. Giving your bedroom a more intimate makeover will also help lighten things up and get you in a better mood.

12. Seek professional help

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There are conditions such as persistent erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, best resolved by seeking medical attention. Several health factors are often attributed to these conditions, and the quicker you get professional help, the better. You should also seek counseling services if you feel embarrassed about your sexual prowess or have relationship issues that further make your sex life stressful.


While there is no universal solution to increasing sexual stamina, these solutions will play a major role in improving your bedroom performance.