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What is Sexual Dysfunction & How to Deal With It

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Sexual dysfunction is usually related to male problems with their erection, or their capability to achieve an orgasm, or to handle whole sexual intercourse with their partner, due to many possible reasons. Those who had experienced it, think it’s a rare condition, and that it may happen only to them. But, the truth is it’s pretty common, and it can occur within the women too. That’s why we can’t say that only men suffer from it, or to make it equal to erectile dysfunction, even though it’s more common compared to women’s sexual disorders and problems they may have.

There are plenty of ways to treat this condition, and for the male population, you can click here and find the most anticipated supplements that can help you solve the problem. Also, you have to know that sometimes, the reasons can be psychological, or it’s just a phase. Until you are sure that nature is physical, you don’t have to take medicines by yourself. So, these are the basic things related to this topic, and in this article, we will try to cover as much information as we can gather, so you can detect the reasons behind your problem, and ask for appropriate help.

Male sexual dysfunction

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It’s usually related, as we said, to the erectile problems, when the man is not able to maintain the erection during the whole intercourse, or they complete the action without ejaculating. Sometimes, they can’t even “wake it up” to have sex. But, you have to calm down, because it often happens due to tiredness, mood changes, stress, and mental barriers caused by overthinking. A healthy man, according to the medicine, can handle at least one intercourse with a complete erection and ejaculating in the end. But, if that doesn’t happen, you shouldn’t discourage yourself. Your partner will also understand if you are not in a mood, and won’t put pressure on you because of it.

Also, there can be some medical reasons behind this condition, and if the situation isn’t getting any better as time goes by, you may need to schedule an appointment with your doctor, so they can perform the needed tests. You can never be too old or too young for this problem, and you have to treat it properly, so you can have a healthy sex life in the future. When we talk about this topic, we also have to mention the possible problems with lack of desire, which can be related to the phase in your life, or with your partner. So, make sure the problem doesn’t lay there before you visit your doctor.

Female sexual dysfunction

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The popular belief is that women can’t have this condition, but here is the truth – they can. Sometimes, there is no enough vaginal lubrication, and the intercourse can be uncomfortable and painful for them. In other cases, their pelvic muscles can be under prolonged tension, and again, the whole process can be either painful or impossible, if they can’t relax. Sometimes, their muscles are relaxed and the area is properly lubricated, but they can’t achieve an orgasm.

Just as same as for males, the causes can be physical or psychological. We live in a stressful time, and it’s understandable if you don’t like to have sex often. But, if you see that you don’t want it for months or more, then you have to ask yourself what’s the reason behind that. Sometimes, birth control pills can decrease sexual desire, leaving the woman without an arousal response. Also, some medicines can affect the libido. If you are sure you don’t have some mental barriers to achieve satisfaction, maybe it’s time to visit your gynecologist.

Physical causes for sexual dysfunction

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Most of the medical issues can affect the intimate life of the people. For example, the conditions like cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, or even the ordinary flu or fever, can be reasons why a person doesn’t want to have sex today. Keep in mind that some of the medications and treatments can also affect it. Even antidepressants and other drugs for anxiety and similar conditions can have a huge negative effect on your desire.

Psychological causes

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Stress and anxiety are the most common reasons for this problem, but also a huge part takes the past trauma (related or no to sexual past), depression, family problems, the partner’s bad behavior, losing or gaining weight, and ruining the body image, the lack of confidence and self-respect, and of course, constant worries that you aren’t good enough in bed.

The differences between the disorders

If there is a desire disorder, that means you have no interest to have sex with anyone, no matter how attractive they are, or you are in love with them. Arousal disorder is when you really want it, and your emotions and mood want it, but the body denies it. When we think about orgasm disorder, you are emotionally ready to have sex, and you can have it, but won’t lead to an orgasm, which is a reason for frustrations. But, when you have pains during the action, then we talk about pain disorder. All of these conditions can result in low libido.

On the other hand, it can be decreased due to hormonal problems, breastfeeding after giving birth, changes with the menstrual cycle, unstable blood pressure, and fears of every nature.

If you can’t detect the reasons by yourself, you can always talk to your partner about the problems, and maybe together you will be able to find a more efficient solution. Visiting a couple or marriage therapist is also one of the possible solutions. Another way to resolve this is to maintain a healthier lifestyle and avoid greasy junk food, sugary beverages, smoking, alcohol, and even drug abuse.

The hardest part is to accept that you have a problem that requires a professional solution. But, the sooner you get some help, you will be able to overcome everything that stops you from having a nice and satisfying sexual life.