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Going Oral – Top Sexual Positions that Ensure Extreme Orgasmic Pleasures

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Struggling with long and hectic weekdays might make you lose interest in sex. So, as the weekend arrives, you feel bored or lose interest in your leisurely pleasures. Given that sex is an important part of daily life, losing interest in erotic activities might affect your health. Note that a good sex habit boosts immunity, improves heart health, and, most importantly, promotes sleep.

Whether you are frustrated with work or personal life, ignoring your physical pleasures altogether impacts your health drastically. And indulging in bodily pleasure becomes simpler once you hire an escort. On that note, the following points present the top interesting ways you can enjoy maximum orgasmic pleasures through oral sex. So, without delay, let’s get straight to the point.

Pleasures of Oral Sex and Top Positions to Explore

Oral sex has been one of the most stereotypical concepts. But with research shedding light on the health benefits of oral sex, it has become extremely popular. The following are the top ways you can enjoy oral sex with an escort.


When the discussion is about oral sex, 69 has to be on the top of the list. In short, 69 is the most pleasurable encounter one can ever have when one desires to have oral erotic encounters. This position is all about aligning oneself on top of one another in opposite directions.

It gives total access to each other’s reproductive organs. In fact, couples have enjoyed dual pleasure in this position. As someone performing this position with the escort for the first time, you need to understand how to initiate. You can check out freeones videos to learn the techniques.

First things first, you need to lie back while the other person lies on top of you with their knees straddling the other individual’s head. Altogether, 69 is one of the most intriguing oral sex postures for both men and women. You can also enjoy this sexual posture by lying sideways. When performed sideways, it offers you neck support.

The Side Sit

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For those who love old-school sex, the side sit is a perfect posture. Here, the receiving partner lies on the bed with legs spread. If you are the giver here, you need to make your receiving partner (i.e., your escort) comfortable. Lie down and enjoy receiving oral sex. You can also turn onto either side and pull your thighs toward the chest to keep your feet stretched. That will offer an easier access to the anus and vulva.

Closed for Business

The next one on this list is closed for business. If direct stimulation on the clitoral is too much for the receiver, you may choose this one. Just ask your partner to close the legs and apply indirect stimulation around the clitoris. It’s a great warming-up position before you proceed to enter into an intense position. What you need is to stay in this posture for a few minutes.

The Sniper

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The sniper sex posture is another excellent move where both partners need to be on the ground or in bed. As a giver, you need to stretch your legs out. It’s a perfect position for the ones struggling with knee, hip, and lower back pain. For the ones suffering from neck pain, you can try out a more head-on posture.

All you need is to lie down on the floor bed to enjoy maximum orgasm pleasures. The receiver here may curl up with their legs stretched to the sides, which gives you better access.

Sit and Deliver

This position is one of the best positions as unlike other postures, you don’t need too much space to enjoy. You can perform it by simply standing or leaning against the wall for added support. To receive maximum pleasure, separate your legs into a stance and leap the hips in front. Here, the giver kneels in from while position slightly under the partner.

With the above positions, you can take maximum pleasure from oral orgasm. Celebrate the end of a hectic and long work week by taking advantage of oral orgasm. Get in touch with an escort and take her to a hotel for maximum fun. Ladys.one brings an array of escorts on the platform. You need to select a sexy and hot call girl from the ads displayed on the portal.