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Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Conversions

bounce rate


If you see yourself struggling to increase traffic to your page, get more leads, improve signups for email, and acquire more clients it is very likely that your bounce rates are too high. To put it in different perspective, customers and visitors who come to your landing page, bounce off before there’s even a chance to make them convert. One of the ways you can increase rates for conversion is simply creating more landing pages. Research that was done buy HubSpot has revealed that companies who have more then 40 landing pages are getting 12 times more leads then companies who had 5 or less pages. When you start to see that bounce rates are going higher, it’s time when your content marketing strategy and site are in need of redesign.

What is bounce rate actually?

When you are working to increase the performance of your site one of the things you should consider is reducing bounce rate if it’s too high. To put it in other words, if you have high bounce rate it’s a sign that something is not right with your strategy as you’re not attracting the right audience to your web pages. When someone comes to your site and then leaves without seeing other pages on that same domain that is called bounce. The bounce rate is percent of all users that enter or leave¬†that same page.

How can you decrease bounce rates and improve overall conversions?

First you need to focus on improving the storytelling of your brand. With good storytelling you can captivate the minds of the users which you’re targeting. People read content by scanning page and searching for something that will stand out. It could be word, image or even a term.

Also, try to keep your blog updated and fresh with the new content all the time. Just consider that companies who update their blogs regularly with new content will generate almost 130% more leads. Create multiple pages of landing for keywords with high volume, because the more pages you have, the better. The experience will be richer for users too. If you have many landing pages be sure to make them easy for navigation and link each of them to your home page. Do you know how important is the speed of site to users? Visitors are expecting web site to load in a matter of 2 seconds or less, otherwise if they wait more then 3 seconds they will move to other page. Your bounce rate will be higher the slower your landing pages are loading.

bounce rate

One of crucial things is to make your webpage mobile friendly!¬† Your website has to be responsive when people visit your page from their iPads, iPhones, Tablets and any other devices. So take your brand to mobile as this is age where almost anyone in the world has one. Around 95% of customers are on mobile phones. Show that you are credible, which means you are able to inspire trust and belief in other people. It’s after all how other people are perceiving you, so don’t ignore it. Its true that the more you are credible the more money you will make. I hope you don’t buy something from someone you don’t trust.

All in all be consistent. Maybe some of these tactics will not produce quick results but you don’t need to even expect that. Keep growing the audience of your website. As you go on with your strategy and satisfy users, they will start talking others about you and your business along with improving inbound links, search traffic and lead generation.