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All The Information You Need To Train Your Thieving Skill On OSRS

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Old School RuneScape is an MMORPG that is beloved by a massive fanbase. If you are reading this article, then we can assume you need help leveling up your thieving skill. Thieving is a skill reserved for members and it allows them to steal items and rob NPCs.

This skill is a highly sought after one because it is very profitable and allows you to neutralize traps and pick locks. You do not need to buy OSRS gold [https://www.playerauctions.com/osrs-gold/] if you wish to upgrade your thieving skill. In this article, we are going to give you a quick and easy method for you to upgrade your thieving ability.

If you purchased an OSRS account for sale which did not have the thieving ability upgraded, this article will solve your problem.

How To Train Thieving

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Training your thieving ability is comparatively much simpler than other skills in OSRS. There are different training methods you can use in RuneScape but one quick and easy way to do it is by using the pickpocket method. To activate the pickpocket option, walk up to a door, NPC, chest, or market stall and right-click.

You will be presented with the unlock or pickpocket options. Choose the pickpocket option and if the action is performed successfully, you will be rewarded with OSRS gold or items. Where the pickpocket action is not successful, you will not be rewarded with any spoils. In the case of an NPC, the character will yell the phrase “What do you think you’re doing?” and will proceed to hit and stun you for a few seconds while also dealing minimal damage.

The pickpocket action can be performed multiple times even if the previous pickpocketing animation hasn’t been completed. This trick will help you to speed up your thieving skill experience faster as more pickpocketing successes are recorded in a shorter time.

Useful Items

Successfully improving your thieving skill can be aided by some special in-game items. In this section, we will discuss some of these items and how they can help you. You can find some of these OSRS items for sale in the shop. 

Ardougne Diary

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The Ardougne Diary gives you the ability to successfully pickpocket multiple NPCs. The Ardougne Diary has several tiers and completing the medium tier gives you a 10% buff when you pickpocket within Ardougne. Completing the Hard Ardougne extends the buff to all of Gielinor. 

Tip: You do not need to have the Ardougne cloak in your inventory or wear it to benefit from this buff. 

Rogue Equipment

The Rogue Equipment set gives you a chance to get double the loot from pickpocketing an NPC. Wearing the complete set of Rogue equipment guarantees a double loot but you should remember that experience drops are not affected by this item. The Rogue Equipment set contains a mask, top, trouser, gloves, and boots. The Rogue equipment can be found while looting safes as there’s a ⅛ chance of getting them. 

Dodgy Necklace

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This item gives you a 15% chance of avoiding damage while you are pickpocketing NPCs.  Dodgy Necklace item is useful for pickpocketing and has only ten uses before it turns to dust. It can be used with other items to increase your chances of avoiding damage and stun. 

Shadow Veil

The Shadow Veil gives you a 15% chance of avoiding stun and damage when they are pickpocketing NPCs. When used with the Dodgy Necklace, it boosts your chance of avoiding stun and damage by 36%.  This should be equipped if you want to continuously pickpocket NPCs when you are leveling up your thieving skill. 

Gloves of Silence

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This item will increase your pickpocket success rate by 5% when they are equipped. You need to be a level 54 hunter to make use of this item and it is available for sale in the Grand Exchange. If you would rather craft one yourself, you can do so at the fancy clothes store using two dark kebbit.

The gloves will take damage if you have any failed pickpocketing attempts and would be destroyed at 62 failed attempts. The gloves are nullified by the Ardougne Diary therefore they are not active within Ardougne and they become obsolete once you complete the medium Ardougne Diary.

Is Training Thieving Useful?

Training the thieving skill has a lot of advantages for you as a player in OSRS. There are different reasons why you can train this skill some of these are:

  • At higher levels, some NPCs can generate as much as 1 million GP per hour.
  • Thieving also gives you up to 200-300 XP per hour and can also catapult your name to the top of high score leaderboards.
  • It also unlocks a number of new content such as dairy tasks which give fabulous rewards.

Although these reasons are valid, one major reason why players insist on upgrading this skill is that it is a requirement to complete a number of quests including the following: 

  • The Lost Tribe – level 13
  • The Giant Dwarf – level 14
  • Cold War – level 15
  • Watchtower – level 15
  • The Hand In The Sand – Level 17
  • Tribal Totem – Level 21
  • Darkness of Hallowvale – level 22
  • Death To The Dorgeshuun – level 23
  • Creature of Frenkenstrain – level 25

Training your thieving skill is advantageous because it helps you to complete the game and gives you the upper hand in various situations.


This guide was created to be beginner-friendly, and it would help any player who wants to upgrade their thieving ability. Where possible, you should always try to use supporting items to improve your chances of leveling up your thieving skill. We hope this guide answers all the questions you may have about upgrading your thieving skill, happy playing!