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Life Happiness Tips that the Scientist Recommend 2024

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Life happiness is the ultimate integrated thought in our minds. That thought is triggering element that enhances surviving as perusing life happiness. Many of us spend years of perusing happiness. I thought a nice career would bring me that happiness in my life.

Others thought that getting rich, nice retirement or the “perfect relationship” was the key to their life happiness quest. Eventually, during the process we all get “blindfolded” with what is happening around us. We all forget to enjoy all the moments around us.

What really makes us happy? To find out the answer to this simple question scientist from Stanford University have discovered some of the qualities that have a positive impact in the human mind. Below you will find some of the things Stanford University has learned.

Compassion Brings Life Happiness

Compassion has been a long term researched topic when it comes to happiness. In the research Stanford discovered that the connection between two individuals brought together by compassion brings happiness.

This compassion might come in different forms and the most common is participating into some charity events. The best place to start is at your work place. All of the companies are participating into charity programs.

Just go over to your social team leader and request information about the ongoing charity events. Sign up and do something good and observe how this makes you feel about yourself.

Another way is by passing your knowledge to individuals that might have common interest in your background. Try to inspire them more, give them advice and push them in the right direction. You do not have to help others all the time. Simply bring this practice once a month to your life and this might start changing your life in better way.

Life in Nature is Happiness

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I love nature and this is one of the things missing in my life at the moment and something makes me feel depressed about it. When was your last walk in the park? Study shows that walk around the nature brings both physical and emotional satisfaction.

The study talks about how group of participants were divided into two groups. The first group spent their entire time into urban environment and the second group took nature exposure. The result of the experiment shows that the second group saw significant improvement in their life qualities and brought them life happiness. This also decreased the anxiety level. I feel amazing when, I take walks outside in the park. Often I do it on my own.

If you do not want to walk and love cycling like I do. The best thing is to ride your bicycle in the park and enjoy the nature in its best shape. The idea is to refresh your mind and give your brain a break of thinking about the daily life problems.

Plug The Social Media Off


Nowadays everything and everyone is connected to the social media and it has spread around like virus in the society. Even, when you are trying to enjoy some alone time. The social media notification always come back for your attention. It is the fear of rejection and the fact that we want to be accepted within the society.

This is a problem that has been in within the human mind since our existence, however since the evolution of technology it has never been easier to exploit it.

So why social media is so dangerous? It is the constant effort to compare yourself in the screen of your phone or desktop machine. This eventually pushes you away from the reality and brings anxiety and unhappiness.

However, all these feelings are temporary and life happiness can be rebuilt with hard effort. Try to disconnect from your social media for a day or two and observe the consequences.

I believe practicing this technique at least once a week over the weekend can potentially improve your life qualities and boost up your recreational mode.

Searching for Meaning and Happiness

Many Influencing philosophers have made attempts to try the meaning of life and to bring happiness. Another Stanford study has made an attempt to discover the coloration between meaningfulness and happiness.

The study discovered that while these two concepts are entirely different they also overlap. This means sometimes some people will discover the meaning of life but in the same time they will be truly unhappy. Others will be happy but their meaning in life will be missing and the entire concept brings imbalance.

The perfect balance is to look for ways to make your life meaningful and live happy life. There is not exact formula to that. I found that the constant race to peruse something in the feature that might never come makes my life meaningless and unhappy.

The idea is to stop living in the past and the feature and stop setting some expectations. It is good to have goals and this is not what, I am trying to say. It is important to find the key to happiness and eliminate all the obstacles in your life that might prevent you finding happiness and meaningfulness all together.