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The best products to improve marketing in your business


Even a small, slight improvement of the product or service that you offer can make a big difference. Corporate identity, good and recognizable graphic design are an integral part of the business strategy of every serious company. Check out our products to improve marketing in your business.

It should be mention the good presentation of your business.  It is very important how you present your services. This will give you a certain reputation among users. Today it is very difficult to engage and retain the attention of the users, it is very important how your promotional materials look. You just run the business and want to be represented in the best way? Below you will find a solution for all. To better present your services, products, and in general your company – Techinfographics offers professional graphics that will attract everyone’s attention.

Powerpoint and Keynote bundles

Without good presentation there is no good lecture, speech or presentation of a conceptual design, business plan, concept, etc. Likewise, a poor presentation can all blow it. First and most important rule is one that must never be forgotten that bad slides destroying good content. As much as you want that’s not true, your colleagues, clients, audiences before they even begin to read the content, will notice the aesthetic of presentation.

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Powerpoint bundle includes:

  • 2 Professional Business Templates
  • Multicolor with lot of options
  • Bundle size : 1,2 GB

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Keynote bundle includes:

  • 2 Professional Business Keynote Presentation Templates
  • Light & Dark option
  • Bundle size : ~150 MB

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Invoice templates

A handshake might have sufficed in the Wild West, but it’s not sufficient for conducting business in the modern arena. The essence of any business is its customers and if you are a small business then your future growth is entirely dependent on your customers. One of the most important forms of business documentation is the invoice, which the seller issues to the buyer to provide details of a good or service the seller has provided.

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Invoice pack includes:

  • Microsoft Word Invoice Template (6 colors – blue, green, gray, orange, red, torquoise)
  • PDF Sample (You can export your .docx invoice in .pdf)

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18 Infographic Templates Premium Pack

16 Ready To Use Infographics + 2 Flat Design Powerpoint Presentations

Each Infographic template is completely ready to go. After purchase please download and unzip file. You will find 16 ( flat design) Infographics in .ppt format. Open any of them in Powerpoint and start to make your own changes!Edit color settings, shapes, objects and etc. Each template comes with flat design icons and images. **However if you can’t find icon which you would like to include in your new infographic,don’t worry! We have added text file with several links.You can visit those websites at any time and download unlimited number of free flat design icons. You will have access to more than 3000 flat icons for your infographic!

We have also included 2 flat Powerpoint presentations. One of them is available as demo free download on our site. Please feel free to download and try before purchase. Second one is totally new design and contains 7 slides + flat icons.Templates are easily convertible to Keynote. If you have any questions or you will need support, please contact us at any time. Full package price is only $12!. This is the best value on the current market!

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