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Improve Yourself and Stop Saying “NO” Instead Start Asking “How?”

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Improve yourself by simply changing the current state of your mind and start questioning things more. It is very simple concept yet still very difficult to be achieved by many people. This article might show you some proven ways of changing your mind-set for better productivity and ways to improve yourself instantly.

Can you count how many times a day do you say “No” to your colleagues, business partners or the worst to yourself?

Research from Duke University has concluded that nearly 40% of the things you do and say day to day is only bad habit. Some people believe that their actions are down to bad decision, however, this is not true.

This does not mean that you have to ask “How?” all the time and expect to overload yourself with too many things, that might be another recipe for disaster.

By simply saying “How?” to your colleagues or your business partners, you automatically increase the level of communication and show interest towards troubleshooting a given problem. This small adjustment in your daily vocabulary is a way and the key to break the daily bad habits and improve yourself.

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Your Input and Output Connection

In order to tune your body towards self-improvement you need to find the value of your input and output connections. What do I mean by that?

You have to find out what motivates you and inspires you most and set a goal in front of you and focus towards that goal. Find out, what inspires you most, for example, money, new car, a house, family etc. There could be many different inspirational reasons for your input channel of connection.

If you are able to find out, what inspires you and motivates you. You are raising your awareness and this allows you to communicate more effectively with yourself and the rest around you.

When it comes to your output connection. This involves connecting and establishing healthy connection with other influencing individuals in your background. However, there is a down side to this output connection. Sometimes the amount of bad influencers is greater than the good influencers in your life. For some people this might be very difficult to distinguish these type of personalities. I have, recently written another interesting article, how to handle difficult personalities?

The reason why you should be, connecting your personality with other influencing personalities is simply because, you will share the same vision. There is not any clearer way for me to stress, the importance of positive influencing people in our life.

I have to say that there were not many big direct positive influencing people in my life. However, that did not stop me finding indirect positive influencing people. I went out on a hunt and searched for the best seller books on NY Times. I picked up one that fit my personality and started to read it. It was way to improve myself break the bad habits in me.

Get Out of Your Old Attitude Now and Improve Yourself Today

Often the only person who stands on your way and prevents you from getting your job or make a positive connection is only “YOU”

Start practicing and by saying “How?”. The biggest catalyst that causes often people to fail is the way they say “No” or “I cannot”. These words simply do not exist in the vocabulary of the successful people. The reason for us to say “NO” is the constant fear and believe we will fail.

There is not any bigger reason for us to fail, except when “WE” start to vision the idea in our heads. Why do not you try the opposite next time?

It really might change your day and the way you think in general about things. I did not believe, I could write useful and interesting post for under two hours but it looks like, I can do it. If I can do something I  said “NO” to before, the good news is that you could do it too.

How Does all of That “Nonsense” Works?

Your head must hurt by now. Do not worry, take a time to assimilate the idea and what I am trying to present here. Overall saying “NO” to you or the others is the barrier that prevents you from tackling a problem that you in fact might learn something new. We need to ask more often “How?” This is an effective way of communication. This connects you with others like you and inspires you to do better, every other single time. This is allowing you to accomplish your goals quickly and effectively, leaving positive trail of happiness an enthusiasm about yourself in the eyes of others. The product of your actions is your new personality and the simple recipe to improve yourself.