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How To Create The Perfect Password


create perfect password

You know the drill, for each new account you have to think of secured new password. The first 2 things that people discover when creating perfect password is that they are really bad at being random and their memory can be very terrible. People in general don’t like to deal with complex problems, and same goes when creating password, as of 2016 the most common password created is still just ” 123456 ”. Just don’t do this. Hackers will exploit it by using dictionary attack. When you create password first of all, go for length. Best type of passwords are at least 8 characters long, the shorter your password, the easier is for hackers to crack it. Use any technique that will help you to remember it.

Well at University of Southern California, two researchers have published solution for creating easy to remember and hard to crack passwords. Those two have found their inspiration in a cartoon if you would believe it. Cartoon basically shows that password is created from 4 random words. It’s far easier to remember than having jumble of random numbers, symbols and letters that people will think of as secure.

perfect password cartoon

The conclusion from the cartoon is that even if you pick word that is fairly uncommon and replace some of the letters from that word with symbols, hackers could take hours to guess it. With 4 words you can make yourself like a little story and have a perfect password.

To guess this kind of password, computer should test billions of possibilities until it would hit one that’s right. What’s more to it, people who are suggesting creating password with this method are saying that you should create it as a way of poem of random words, as it’s by far most secure. When you created password and when you sign in somewhere, remember to stay logged off. The easiest way for anyone to get in your account and compromise it, is when you store passwords in browser on smartphone or computer. Better take few seconds to enter password and un-check that remember me option.

What I would like you to suggest is using password manager tool. Don’t fear of having your passwords on cloud, the services have a really strong encryption. LastPass will easily retrieve any password you create, so you don’t need to remember nothing but master password which is used to access all your other ones.