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How To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

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“Elevator Pitch”, “Elevator Speech” or “Elevator statement” is a statement or speech with which you can quick and easy present your product, service or organization and its value. Name of this form of speech suggests that the idea should be imposed for a period ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes – in the time it takes the elevator ride. The goal of this presentation is to draw attention to a potential investor, employer, business partner, to be interested to hear more about what you present. This is a skill necessary for any businessman.

It is a concise, carefully planned and well-rehearsed presentation about the company, yourself, the product or service you represent. The concept of speech should be also understandable to a person who does not work or does not know the area that you do. “Elevator Pitch” is NOT advertising exposure. Do not get into the trap that during exposure just talk about how great your service or product is. Always keep in mind that the investor does not buy your product / service, but your job. Therefore, you should tell the listener how you plan to run a business.

Keep in mind that we live in a time when business conditions change very quickly. Remember that your audience has certain expectations, and you are expected to talk to customize their needs. As conditions change, so changing your approach and presentation of ideas, services, products, organizations, companies is necessary… What used to thrive in winning over the audience, does not mean that thrives today. Pay attention to the first impression that you leave. Always be prepared for presentation of what you represent. Good Luck!