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How To Create the Perfect Instagram Video


It’s easy to make a Instagram video. But, make it memorable not so much. Here are some tips and tricks to produce a video that will impress others

What you need to know about the video for Instagram?

If you’ve never met with making Instagram video, it is important to know how you can record video which is long from 3 to 15 seconds, in one piece or several shorter separate recordings in the series. It is similar to Vine, but it offers a variety of filters and the ability to delete and add scenes. There is no automatic looping (repeating video).

Video capture is easy – instead of blue (with which you take a picture), tap the button for the video camera, and then press and hold the red button to start recording. The recording will stop at the moment when you take your finger off the button.

If you use the iPhone, it is possible that you will notice the icon that signals the activation of features that reduces shake during recording. After recording, you can view a snapshot with this feature on or off. It improves the stability of the shots so you should leave it turned on when uploading.

To perform upload, select the icon that leads to your Instagram. It is worth spending some time on the selection of a few moments to show your video in the best light.

How to start?

Explore. Find videos for inspiration on Instagram (and Vine) and look at them. Get into the habit of planning ahead. You do not need a detailed plan for the storyboard, but it is good to put a plan on paper. If you intend to use a storyboard, do not overdo it – if you are going to be a director, cameraman and editor, does not need to be detailed.

Instagram videos can be created and shared with a tremendous amount of success. Looking to gain a bit of social traction with your next video creation? Whatever you do, make certain to cling tightly to the following tips: