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Ultimate list of Motion Infographic Templates

Infographic popularity over the past few years has increased by more than a few hundred percent. There are many reasons why this happened,but mainly because of the rapid rhythm of life forces to present information clearly and concisely to save the reader or consumer time. A picture is worth a thousand words , and there is no better way to express information, than present it in visual way. We all love infographics : they are easy to watch and understand, the information provided via illustrations , charts and tables makes it clear and understandable.To Watch and enjoy infographics is easy, but it is much more difficult to create one. Therefore infographic template is a great and awesome tool to make your own infographics. Infographic templates saves plenty of time for graphic designers and information publishers, and allows them more focus on the infographic content and featured information. There are many online sources where you can purchase infographic templates , but the research takes a lot of time. Therefore, we decided to gather a few professional infographic templates in one place.These infographic templates are ready to use and suitable for any type of business. We hope that this variety of infographic templates will allow anyone to find what they are looking for.

To create motion infographics from scratch is not an easy task. It requires particularly set of skills. If you don’t have experience in creating motion infographics, this might be difficult for you. That’s why motion infographic template is one of the best solution for the beginners. I would suggest you to read our blog article here: “How to create motion – video infographic from scratch?”. On this previous blog post we explained in detail how to create motion infographics, where to download necessary infographic software and other useful tips.

Why do you need infographic? If you are reading this article, obviously you understand by now the value of infographic and how it can influence your online presence. Infographics can (and surely will) increase traffic to your website, increase your popularity on social networks and will generate more leads for your business. Also infographic is a great way to explain your business model and your company services. Almost every single startup these days has it’s own product explanation infographic. Also infographics are wildly used for new mobile applications launch and explanation. Read this blog article “Infographic Promotional Video of Famous Apps”and see examples.Perhaps, best way to explain why your business should use infographics, would be to post this our motion infographic video:

So back to our ultimate motion infographic templates list, here is some of the best proffesional and premium templates that we would recommend you to use for your own motion infographics. Prices are various from $20 to $45 depending on the variety of features and number of graphic scenes. Compare to current market prices ($400-$800 for 2 min infographic), these infographic templates are absolute bargain and will save you lots of money. However if you are looking for custom infographic design solutions, you can always contact us.

Online Service Promotion Video

We are starting our list with one of the most common infographic topics: online service promotion. This infographic template can be used as Youtube video marketing opener/intro, online marketing, company promotion or simply as video explainer.
Infographic design is minimalistic, elegant and modern. If you are looking for abstract and general service explanation motion graphic template – this should be suitable for you.

See this infographic in action:


  • Edit all texts
  • Change colors to any combination you like
  • 19 Scenes
  • No plugins required
  • 1080p & 720p resolution versions
  • 3mins 01secs Long
  • Very fast render
  • Video tutorial with voice over showing you how to customize the template

Purchase this infographic template here

Tulip Corporate Typo

Flat infographic design, simplicity and clarity. Tulip Corporate Typo is perfect example of the latest flat design trends. “Flat” colors, modern typography and flat icons. If you are launching new product featuring flat design this infographic template will be the best match for your project.

Here is the demo of this motion infographic:

It is worth to mention, that this infographic teplate includes 325 Icons from ENTYPO and WP Zoom.Huge selection and variety of icons will allow you express your ideas exactly as you wish and information will be easy to understand for your potential customers.
List of some other Tulip Corporate Typo template features:

  • universalized expression ( works with any AE’s language )
  • change the colors easily
  • change icons easily
  • change Scenes orders
  • change texts easily
  • Well organized template
  • helpful documentation
  • Video Tutorial included too
  • Full Documentation ( Text File & Video )
  • Aftereffects file ( Clean version )
  • Aftereffects file ( Color version )

Purchase and download this infographic template here

Corporate Promotion Pack

Very similar to above mentioned “Tulip Corporate Typo”. Minimalistic and modern design, high quality scenes and variety of customization options.This motion infographic package includes two projects: animated icons and promotion package.

Check this video out and see this motion infographic in action:


  • Full HD Resolution 1920×1080
  • Includes 20 scenes
  • No plugins required
  • Video Tutorial included showing how edit this template(50 min)
  • Compatible with CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 with Cycore FX installed

Purchase and download this template here

Web Promotion Guide

Flat design is currently one of the biggest trends online.Not surprisingly many graphic designers implement flat elements into their work.This motion infographic is designed using lots of flat infographic elements. Colors, icons, text and other significant flat elements. Duration of this motion infographic is up to 5.30min and will be enough to any type of explanation or promotion video. Infographic template comes with 31 scenes,which are pre-set with transition effects.You can customize it by switching and changing order of the scenes.

here is the Web Promotion Guide demo video:

Download and purchase this template here

Epic – Corporate Presentation Suite

I am sure you have seen some of the Apple products promotion videos. This infographic template will allow you to create your very own “Apple style” promotion video. Simplicity, modern typography and minimalistic style.

Awesome transitions, text floating and other unique elements makes this motion infographic “eye catching promo”. Here is the impressive list of the features:

  • 41 Scenes and Elements to tell your own story
  • 56 Media Placeholders
  • 16 Lower Thirds
  • 12 Title & Typography Styles
  • 4 Transitions
  • 4 minute Quick Video Guide to help you get started right away
  • 25 minute Video Documentation to help you with questions you might have
  • Single Elements can be combined together to make new scenes
  • 100% After Effects
  • Full HD (1920×1080)
  • 25FPS & 30FPS versions
  • The video preview is included as an After Effects Project that can be edited
  • A blank version of Epic is also included, so you can start your story from scratch
  • Easily customizable
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Assets are well organized in folders
  • Easily change theme colors across the entire project
  • Use Color Instances to easily apply theme colors on new elements
  • Infographics elements (Bars & Rings) are powered by our best selling item, Analyst
  • The only scene that requires plugins (Particular) is the Digital Cloud. For all other scenes, no plugins are required

See the demo of this motion infographic:

Purchase and download this motion infographic here

Marketing Promote Typography

Awesome infographic template for marketing, product or service promotion. 23 unique icons and many other customization options. Each icon or scene can be fully customized. Infographic template can be great choice for your own “classic” infographic.

Fun to watch, excellent transitions and appearance effects. One of the best sellers on the videohive marketplace.
High ratings and more than 160 purchases so far. This infographic template is universal and suitable for any project.
See the demo of Marketing Promote Typography:

Purchase and download this template here

SEO Explainer Opener

There are many companies providing SEO services.This motion infographic template is specifically dedicated to SEO industry professionals. This SEO motion infographic is highly customizable and can be excellent promo for your company’s SEO services.

List of some of the features:

  • Separate color controller for the contact page at the end
  • No Plugins required.
  • 1080p, 720p ready made render versions.
  • 2 Mins Long
  • Super Fast Render
  • Contains Video Tutorial targeted for basic users of AE showing how to edit text according to your script and change color of the contact details page
  • CS4 and above

Check out this SEO motion infographic demo:

Purchase and download this SEO infographic template here