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How to Create Unique Infographic?

Unique and Viral Infographic Idea

Every day millions of new infographics are posted online.
Some of them are successful and has been watched thousands of times. But most of them rarely reach even thousand views.
What makes infographic successful and viral? Answer is simple : Idea or Design.
A good idea can make any product successful and infographic is not an exception. A “good and unique infographic idea” doesn’t mean that you need to discover wheel all over again , but you need to find a completely new concept how to present information.
Do you still remember famous and viral video “Did you know?” ? Key to success for this video was new idea: to compare facts and numbers.

Unique Infographic Design

Unique infographic design and style can make your graphics successful. Sometimes it might be even more powerful than a good idea.
It really depends on the subject your infographic is about. Great choice of colors and appearance effects can hugely boost views of your product and make it more memorable :

Here is a good advise by avalancheinfographics.com how to create unique infographic :

How to create unique infographic?