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History of Modern Advertising

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History of Modern Advertising

I think advertising is still not going away. What is different is that traditional push and pull marketing is not working anymore as well as customers that are changing. Companies that are smart are searching for new routes of marketing innovation and performance. Many advertisers are still today using their antique and old toolkits that are outdated. So, if you don’t want to be like those people, how can you as marketer today, make interactive communication and speak to many people? The answer is, you have to do it digitally. It’s the idea of speaking to, not speaking at someone as that is what old media has done before. Social networks are enabling advertisers and the owner of the brands to have customer dialogues speaking to either groups or to individuals.

But it also means that since audience can respond back, they have less power and control over them. Social networks are the place where all the engagement for brand is happening. Today, there are 3 most important things in marketing. It’s information, entertainment and interaction. These are advantages of interactive marketing.

The first emerge of modern way of advertising goes back to 1920’s. It was transformation from textual ads to more visual ads followed by sophisticated psychological messages that created powerful resonances for consumers. The famous Madison Avenue in New York City was at that time the new and modern for advertising. It was helping people to figure out what kind of lifestyle they want to live. Today Madison Avenue was replaced by social media and networks but back then in 50’s it was totally different.

Today it is the consumers that are kings while corporations being at the mercy of it. As much as people are complaining I think we are living in golden age when it comes to products quality. Many businesses today are concentrating on the more conventional ways, but branding today is all about the idea and not media. It’s all about understanding the winning formula and getting the brand mix right. It’s more then just piece of a product or logo. It’s about promotions, advertising and packaging too. There is explosion of brands and increased consumer confusion. Did you knew that the average consumer is being exposed to over 3 thousand brands messages each day?

You need to be aware of how valued is each communication or engagement with an individual. Your idea should be graspable within the promise of brand whether you’re reaching audience from blogs, banner ads, television or the word of mouth.