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Best Rated OpenCart Flat Design Template


Opencart is free software that allows you to open your own webshop, and thus expand your business. Not only OpenCart web store look great, but they are also highly customizable.


  • Fully documented applications: Link to documentation
  • Unlimited number of creating categories
  • Unlimited number of creating products
  • Unlimited creation of manufacturers / brands
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Setting up multiple tax
  • You can review and evaluate products by customers
  • Products for download – eg .: PDF, mp3, etc.
  • Automatic resizing of images to the desired dimension (Autocrop)
  • Modules: similar products, the latest products, the best-selling products
  • Unlimited number of news pages
  • The calculations for the delivery of the product by weight
  • The system of coupons for discounts
  • The option of buying without the necessary registration
  • Search Engine Optimization Module (SEO)
  • Modular system
  • Backup & Restore Tools
  • Manage Accounts (ready to print)
  • Reports on sales, reviewed and ordered items
  • Multiple billing option: card, cash on delivery, payment on account
  • Different delivery options (various delivery services, download the shops …)

Each person involved in the latest web design, certainly noticed the current trend of making modern design. It’s about growing minimalist ‘flat design’ trend. More about flat design you can read here, or you can check out our infographic about flat design.

Below you can see the Best Rated OpenCart Flat Design Template:

Stowear – Modern & Responsive OpenCart Theme

Stowear is responsive and modern OpenCart theme. Unlimited colors and +600 google webfonts allow you to create individual store. Many custom modules and settings give you more option to work with theme without code editing. Preview & download here.

Key Features


  • Unlimited colors – change color of each element in store, set patterns for background or upload own image
  • 600+ Google Fonts – select any font you like from Google Webfonts gallery
  • 6 Basic color verions – 6 complete pre-defined color version to help you create better store
  • 200+ Patterns – select background pattern from patterns list provided by Subtlepatterns
  • 90+ Colors – change color of more than 90 elements in store


  • Custom layout width – select from 2 pre-defined layout width or set your own
  • Responsive – enable/disable responsive layout for your store
  • Layout type for each element – choose between fixed and full width layout for each element like top bar, header or slideshow


  • Sale badge – display sale badge on product image with custom text or % of discount
  • Product number per row – define how many products shoud be displayed in one row for default module
  • Product image effect – choose effect for image hover
  • Quick view – enable or disable quick view option
  • Display elements on hover – choose which buttons you want on hover
  • Product scroll – define which default modules should scroll


  • Cloud zoom – choose zoom style on product page. This theme provide Inner cloud zoom, Cloud zoom and default
  • Product image size – 3 images size: small, medium, large
  • Additional images position – select place to display additional product images
  • Product social share – disable or enabled social share module
  • Product tabs – add unlimited numbers of product tabs. You can add one tab for all products or only for selected


  • Product number per row – define how many products shoud be displayed in one row for default module
  • Default view – choose between list and grid
  • Refine search – disable refine search or choose text only or text with image. You can also select how many subcategories should display per row and change subcategories image size in refine search


  • Fixed header – enable or disable fixed header in your store
  • Fixed menu – enable or disable fixed menu in your store
  • Quick search auto-suggest – enable or disable autocomplete in search
  • Header type – choose from 3 pre-defined header type


  • Contact – add contact details. You can add 2 phone numbers, 2 skype profiles and 2 e-mail address
  • About us – add some information about your store
  • Facebook – add your facebook fan page. You can set height and number of faces for your likebox
  • Twitter – add twitter feed from your twitter account
  • Custom tab – here you can add what you want


  • Contact page – add custom html block on contact page
  • Product page – add custom html block on product page


  • Facebook – add your facebook fan page. You can set height and number of faces for your likebox
  • Twitter – add twitter feed from your twitter account
  • Custom tab – here you can add what you want


  • This module allow you to create your own MegaMenu instead of default submenu
  • Search bar – display serach bar on the right side of Mega Menu
  • Expand menu bar – choose if your menu should be full width in content or not
  • Home item – select between Icon, Text or Disable Home button in menu
  • jQuery Animations – select animation style and time for MegaMenu
  • Description – add small text under Category name
  • Icon – upload icon for category. Icon will be displayed before category name
  • Link in new window – enable if you want to open url in new window
  • Position – select where you want to have edited category should show. On left or right side
  • Submenu width – width of submenu. You can use % of “px”
  • Display menu on – choose how submenu should display
  • Content width – width of edited subcategory. 12 is full width 3/12 = 1/4
  • Content type – choose what kind of content will be in this subcategory


  • Custom module is used to adding any content (HTML) at any place on the webpage. To add a module press Add Module button. You can decide if the module is to be displayed in the Block form (heading + content) or in the HTML form, where you can inset any html code


  • The most powerful module which allow you to create the Product Modules on the homepage
  • You can choose: Latest Products, Special Products, Bestsellers Products, Product you want, All products from categories you want
  • Product tabs – create product module with tabs
  • Carousel – enable disable Carousel option
  • Dimension – size of product image. If you set for example 300×300 and 6 products per row, images will be automaticly resized to smaller size
  • Max items – product number in one row
  • Max columns – number of rows
  • Limit items in carousel – max number of products in module
  • Layout – select page where this module should be placed
  • Positions – choose position on the selected page


  • Layout positions – new layout positions allow to create more individual store
  • Camera slider & Revolution slider – two additional sliders
  • Category wall – display categories with images and subcategories on homepage