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Flat Infographic – Facts About Flat Design

Facts About Flat Design

I posted an article some time ago about flat design and infographics with freebie infographic elements template included. Flat design currently is one of the biggest design trends on the web. There are many articles covering this topic. Some people saying it will stick around for a long time, others arguing that it will not last. Flat design is really trending within web developers community,but I was not able to find many flat design infographics. I think it will take more time, but I am sure sooner or later we will see flat design elements everywhere around us.

Flat Design is Here to Stay

Recently i came across article by Sabina Idler “Flat Web Design Is Here To Stay”. I would recommend you to read it if you would like to know more about current flat design trends. Usabilla.com team did a very interesting test and results were clear : 68% of test participants say that flat design will stay.

Flat design Infographic

I thought about these results and decided to create infographic. One of the main reasons why I chose flat design topic – there not many visual information about flat design. More and more websites are using this type of design, but not many designers creating something about this style itself. As this topic requires, I used flat design icons and tried to keep it as simple as possible. I wanted just to visualize facts and numbers and make information clear and understandable, rather than making infographic “to heavy and very fancy”. Feel free to share it and don’t forget to leave your comments!

Facts About Flat Design

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