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Fax machine has been here for much longer then you’ll probably think. And it will still be long time before it completely disappears. Ask yourself, when was the last time you faxed something? Probably never if you’re not business professional. Fax machine was invented almost 50 years ago and since then it evolved much. But nowadays, if you sent or received fax it was probably through cloud. So, faxing isn’t really dead, it just moved to the cloud. Faxing is very alive in hospitals, offices, insurance agencies, mortgage banking and other industries. So, days when you had to buy faxing machine which was expensive along with toner and paper are gone. Remember how many times your printer ran out of toner just as you’re about to print something important.

Cloud fax services

You’ve probably heard already about cloud services. They range from faxes to storage and can really make your life simpler. People realized using cloud as a way of faxing is much better way to do it. Reasons are many why you should cut the cord of fax machine and move to the cloud. It will also free your space in office and you won’t need to maintain it no longer. It will also reduce waste as using cloud faxing will remove all the papers and documents for physical printing, so cloud faxing is also a greener choice. With cloud faxing you can send documents anywhere in the world, doing it from your mobile phone or laptop. You can fax to e-mail address, server, phone number and even old fax machine. Cloud fax can also integrate with other apps, like Dropbox where you can save your files. Think about how much papers you’ve used or tossed out. Even if that is being recycled, still isn’t it a better way to not use any of it? Digital files that are saved on hard drive or cloud are much better solution.

Cloud Fax Machines

Some people tend to think that faxing isn’t needed anymore, and that emails are enough. Well to answer that question, email is not the right choice for sending important documents, mostly because of several reasons. First of all, it’s because of security cautions. Some sectors like finance and law, health care and businesses are very strict for protecting their data. What’s more, sender has an immediate confirmation that message has been delivered successfully. Even though cloud is taking over the world, it’s still evolving in some regions and classic faxing is still standard procedure in business communication world. In most of offices, there’s a fax machine connected to phone line, or operating on server, so that workers can send fax directly from PC to copiers or printers.

On the other hand, cloud faxing is probably more simpler. You just create account with fax number and all the transfer goes through software. It it similar to sending email with attached files. Files you sent will be transferred to fax cloud networks in secure way. When you are using cloud service, you don’t have to leave desk to receive or send faxes as everything is going through mobile device or PC. It’s very cheap because most services for cloud faxing are charging flat monthly charges. Most of companies spend probably even less then $1000 dollars each year. Your entire office is going greener because there’s no need for wasting paper and printing documents. While classical fax machines with all their screeching noises are slowly fading, sending fax documents is still very well alive. It just became much easier, cheaper and improved, just like with every new technology.