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The Future Of Education


the future of education

Education was always very slowly moving field in most of the world, when you go inside classrooms you have a feeling you entered time warp and traveled years in past. But, in some parts you can see technology is making impact on education. In times where population is increasing I think we have to find new and better ways to educate young people. It’s time for big changes in school systems. Institutions are finally exploring and trying new methods and ideas. Higher educational system also costs higher. Top schools can justify its pricing but most others can’t. Students in schools can’t be just fed by information anymore. They need to train skills and leadership by solving real problems, collaborating with others and thinking creatively. You can see today that lot of people with degrees are going home because they can’t find job. Their degrees are not enough anymore to meet market’s standard.


Very soon instead of usual boards there will be whiteboards where all the material for learning will be projected along with children using tablets and laptops in class. The world definitely needs to think again about 19th Century curriculum and change it. Anyway, no matter what kind of innovations we come up with, best technology piece of any classroom is teacher, and always will be. I like to think of our future schools as a place where diverse students are being together engaging with each others, while their concern being far more than just problems in classroom but more focused on others all around world. Children are nowadays quickly learning to use computers without advice from adults or their supervision. So we need to implement this technology from start of schooling years.

In my opinion, I think that in near future, job employers are not going to be so concerned about having diploma. Instead of that, they will look at how each student contributed to real life problems and their portfolios along with how good they do the work in team. They will have option to pursue their own education which fits their needs best. So student – teacher relationships are going to change also. With information being accessible on the internet, problem solving can be made much easier then before with even more speed. I’ve seen method where classes around world help each other through Skype. The creation is called mystery Skype. Children in Germany can talk with children in Spain, and they learn both language this way, faster and more fun for kids. This will be like a global community and classes collaborating with each other with unlimited access online.


As I mentioned in the beginning, this technology is already staring to happen. Students are being overwhelmed with available information so it’s very important to know to dissect what’s important and what is not. Few days ago I read that we will be able to implant chips in our head from where we could instantly obtain any information we require. I think this is crazy stuff and it seems frightening and for sure I would never allow myself to do something like this,  but it’s going to happen sooner or later and people will start to accept it.

This will completely change the way we learn things. Schools are already implementing some things, they are uploading all the lessons for learning so students can review and learn each lesson as many times they need, so you can guess they don’t need traditional books for school anymore. As you can see, the education of future is already happening today. This is gonna be very exciting era for new students. Of course there are many hard obstacles to pass like costing of technology and its benefits, but I don’t think anything should stop us from experimenting with future technology for students. If we go wisely from now, since it’s already much tech world, we can overcome this obstacles together. We and future students will be glad.