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Headphone Types 101

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Each of us has their own opinion of what’s the best headphone and how it looks. Some people want more powerful bass and others more clearer sound. But there are also physical features that separate them. Are they wireless and good looking? Are they folding? There are many more questions and they aren’t simple as they seem. Let’s be honest, to really be able to choose the best headphone, you have to be audio enthusiast, but being total noob when it comes to choice is also not good. The truth is, there isn’t just one headphone that is best, it’s all up┬áto you and your style and choice. So with all being said, let’s go through types of headphones so you can decide which one you will buy.

Earbud headphone type

First we got earbuds headphones which were a big game changer in industry of headphones. They broke sale records all over world cause of their size, and portability that allowed to take them where you want to. If you can remember Sony Walkman, then you know it popularized the use of them. They were small, cheap and had a good quality for price that’s affordable to average users. They are still being manufactured to this day.

headphone earbud

In-ear headphone type

Next on the list are in-ear headphones. They really are on their peak of popularity now. Many companies made them as a standard offer inside box, for example if you buy new phone you will get in-ear headphones with the same brand. They are smallest of all headphones and come with great price and performance. You can enjoy music anywhere you go, running, travelling or doing something else you will be happy with these. Doctors are saying that you should wear these for only about an hour in one day, and not listen it to loud, maximum volume of 70%is recommended.

headphone in-ear type

On-ear headphone type

There are also headphones going on ear. These headphones cover your entire canals of ears. People can use them both outdoor and indoor. Even though they look cool, I would not prefer them for sound quality as they don’t stand out when it comes to that. This headphones don’t have proper seal so, ambient noise can leak inside them. And if you use them outside, bass in songs will feel muddier. But their plus is that they feel lightweight and so they don’t cause too much strain to your neck and ears.

Headphone on ear type

Over the ear headphone type

Similar to this, we have over the ear headphones, which are covering your entire ear with their cups. When you first look at them, they look very very large. These headphones are known to have some top notch isolation. It’s preferable to wear them only at your home, cause of their big weight. If you wear them long enough it will cause neck aching. But it would also look funny, imagine wearing these ones when you go running? It would seem like you have 2 big speakers on ears. Music quality is outstanding. Some of newer models are working with smartphones.

Headphone over ear type

Wireless headphones

We also have wireless headphones. Which is also my choice cause you can take them wherever you want them with you. It’s easy to walk in buses and subway trains or a street full of people, without being worried that your headphone wires will tangle.

wireless headphones

So you see, headphones came a long way since its beginnings. There are so many versions to choose from. What makes a really good set of headphones is great sound and that they are comfortable to wear. You can buy headphones even from the price of just $10 dollars but of course models that are more expensive have better sound quality and they will last longer too. I hope you can find something that will fit your musical taste, needs and comfort.