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Top 10 Innovations by 2050


Innovations are the applications of new and improved ideas, procedures, goods, services, processes, which brings new benefits or the quality of the use. Innovations in the wider sense make improvements in the areas like: construction products (technological innovation), innovation processes, work organization or business, marketing, services and others.

Being innovative is not only to develop new high-tech product. For many enterprises innovation management process involves the systematic exploitation of new ideas in order to achieve competitive advantage and growth. The benefit of this approach is obvious – processes can be measured, benchmarks can be established and could be improved. Systematic changes and greater efficiency in the management of innovation processes can enable companies to become more competitive in the market.

Innovations in future

By now we could see amazing innovations around the world. But what can we expect in the future? What are the chances of humans marrying robotic companions? How about dream downloads? Moon hotel? By 2050, according to the infographic below, it might be possible to download dreams, form a civil partnership with a robot, give birth in space, stay in a hotel on the moon, live to be 150, pollinate crops via robotic insects, clone a human, spray on skin, sport electronic display tattoos, and wear active contact lenses, take a look:

innovations by 2050