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Digital Nomads & Teleworking


Business people with a desire to work from everywhere or ordinary tourists, we think you will find this to be very useful info!

Digital nomads – members of the global community of professionals who have in common the fact that they do their job away from home. More precisely, it is the team that travels around the world, choose a cool place to do their job, a month, two or three.

Although the concept of teleworking has been active for several years, the general public is not fully aware of the possibilities that such a career offers. So, If you are interested in teleworking, check out the infographic below with fresh data about who’s who (and where) in the world of digital nomads.

Long story short, the infographic shows:

  • A map with coolest coworking places on earth from New York to Bali, which made the biggest influencers (if you are a digital nomad, you will be interested!)
  • Case study of management of the startup companies from London and Bali with a cost comparison
  • Price comparison London Vs. Bali
  • Displays the most influential and largest companies that focus on teleworking
  • The companies whose mission is to simplify and facilitate the work of digital nomads …

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