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What is digital marketing?


Today, digital marketing is must have, presence on the Internet has become essential for any business. Fortunately most of the companies has a web page, unfortunately most do not realize that the work does not end here. To truly be present on the Internet it is necessary to optimize a website and build your audience on social networks. The Internet has become a great way to promote business with a very small budget. If you build your audience on social networks, promoting your business can be almost free. And if you set the proper SEO can attract new customers and all costs of marketing that you will have, can be the cost of hosting.

Digital Marketing in 2014. experienced all the highlights – more and more small and large companies met up with advertising on the Internet. So more and more people became involved with sending different emails to the addresses of their customers, so they then started to open and use a variety of social media, such as for example Facebook and Twitter, and more importantly, many of all these started to build more and more high-quality clips on sites, and generate additional traffic to their sites – all this of course brings new visitors and new customers.

So that was in 2014, and how it will be in 2015? If some in the past year started with Facebook and Twitter profiles, then one of the trends in the new year certainly would be that the social network site even increase – Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are just some of these new ones, which will be increasingly used and disseminated. Besides teaching and using new social network, very important news are waiting for us in the field of using mobile devices – mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, which are more and more used, and so will all pages become mandatory to be responsive  – page should be modified to device.

In addition, new trends will bring more of the novelties in the ROI, visualization of the articles on the site, and some other things, which will provide visitors with a better experience when they come to visit someone.

Below you can check infographic which will show you what is digital marketing: