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The Fastest Rising Job Trends Online


If you want to pursuit a career in the online job have a look at this analysis of some ascending positions on the current market and what are the news when it comes to freelancing and interesting projects on the web.


Microsoft on the rise.  No surprises here – Microsoft is the key source of freelance jobs and online paying engagements. Statistics point out a growth of 62% in the Windows Desktop projects field, and also in the filed of Word projects, which have grown by 29.3%. This step ahead can be attributed to the launch of Microsoft devices, such as recent mobile phones and tablets. Reach out and make yourself available to collaborating with one of the largest tech empires in the world.

Welcome the Yuccies. The term ‘Yuccies’ stands for Young Urban Creatives, originated from Yuppies and Hipsters. This generation of young dream-driven people is rather fond of online jobs. They mastered the relevant skills of Internet surfing, and are prepared to use this knowledge to make profit. Some of the jobs that are popular and frequent among them is photography, video editing, flyer design, banner design and 3d design. In each and every of these lines of work an increase has been recorded, from 7.3% in banner design to 18.5% in video editing.

Thumb-stopping visuals rule social media. Considering the amount of content we are supposed to cover during our Internet sessions, a considerable influence on  our attention span is expected. The fact is our attention reduces and favors certain types of content over others, and that is why summarizing videos and visual illustrations result more successful than long and exhaustive texts. The traffic on websites like Pinterest and Instagram is picking up, and simultaneously the job demand associated to these pages rises. Pinterest jobs are up by 9.9%, and Instagram jobs are up by 6.2% since last quarter. On the other hand, Facebook marketing jobs are down by 12.9% because this social network killed organic social marketing this year.

In conclusion, these are the three checkpoints on a contemporary journey down the path of an online job employee. Of course, everything mentioned above falls under the law of rapid change and development just like about anything related to the world of Internet. Proceed with caution and provide exquisite quality in order to ensure a secure position. At least, try to build a good reputation which will bring you new and fresh projects to work on.