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SEO Infographic – Brand Identity and Recognition in Search Results

SEO Infographic

As an service or product company  you surely want to get as much as possible attention of potential customers. As more and more people start their research online , it is particularly important that your brand will be found there! SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) search engine optimization is one of the most important tools to gain more traffic and to reach your (potential)customer. It is very important that your brand would be shown on the top of the search engines.SEO makes sure that you will be better found within the search engines , which can eventually lead to more potential sales. SEO Infographic based on the market research has shown that  93 % of consumers worldwide use search engines to look for something and then visit these websites. And this percentage will only increase in the coming years . So do you want to be behind your competitors? The following SEO infographic from Level Wing  shows what opportunities you should take using search engine optimization against your competitors.

Multiple Listing in Page Results

The SEO infographic shows that 48 % of consumers will click on a search result from a particular company when the same brand repeatedly emerges in the search results. Multiple appearance would give a good impression for consumer.
Think of a keyword such as ‘infographics’ , where Google search engine monthly gets 68000 request.If you want to be found via keyword ‘infographics’, it is important that in your content you will keep targeting this keyword. Your website or blog should have a page or post, which, as an example would explain what it really means ‘infographics’, how to create ‘infographics’ and etc.Those are questions that are relevant to your target audience and they are expecting to get answers in search engines results. If your company emerges on a particular keyword repeatedly in the search engine results, consumers will label your brand as an expert in that field.

Brand Identity and Recognition

Second opportunity with search engine optimization is working on your reputation . The SEO infographic shows that 39 % of search engine users believe that companies in the top search results are the experts in their field . This is partly because people want a quick answer to their question . They will not slog search engines if they get a satisfying answer in the top search results .
SEO research has shown that people (62%) often do not look further in their search beyond the first page of search results. It is important that you are on the first page of search results as a company . Of course, this can be achieved via Google AdWords campaign , since these ads prominently emerge, but the cost may increase significantly and this is recommended only for the short term.Main goal is to work through search engine optimization and get on the top of the search results by relevant keywords.In order to be ahead of your competitors think not only about keyword ‘infographics’ forexample , but also about longer keywords like’Powerpoint infographics’ or ‘Keynote infographics’ and etc. Although less searches monthly are placed based on these keywords, but offers you the possibility to distinguish yourself as an expert and to answer these specific questions better than your competitors.

Generate More Sales

Finally, according to the SEO infographic 76 % of consumers first consult a search engine to find information of a brand or product online before making a purchase. So make sure that you offer an adequate answer to the questions that are important to your potential customers, and eventually you will become leading expert in your field.