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How To Get More Shares On Your Blog – Infographic


Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or FourSquare’s today have become so significant that they are an essential part of the presentation and communication companies on the Internet. Today users search terms across social networks, not only on search engines like Google or Yahoo. You need to start imagining social netvorks as a virtual world where all internet users spend their time. If you want to find them somewhere, it will be easier to do right there.

About the rapid development of social networks and their impact testify regularly ranked high results on search engines from Facebook, Twitter, and almost 100 percent video results that come from YouTube.

As mentioned, the environment of websites is completely changed, so if you want to position better than the competition of today, you have a lot of ways that you can do it – online. Some of these media are not important for SEO, but are very important for branding and interactive communication with potential and existing customers or target group.

That you have gathered fans on the official profile of your brand is not the end of a job for a good start. If you want to get more shares – get to know your community of fans, watch how they “breathe”, to which content they most response, the tone they communicate. They are the ones that give you valuable feedback, thus offer them what they like. Follow their habits on your page, follow the daily statistics of various analytical systems that tell you when your fans are most active, they most share, like, how they behave when they see your post (do they share it), age, location and more, much more.

Below you can check out infographic which will show you how to get more shares on your blog: