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Create Best Call-To-Action Copy To Boost Conversions

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If you are marketer, then you know that visitors who are not clicking are not converting. The people who visit your webpage can’t go through sign up form or checkout process without at least one clicked button. But even just one button, or as many as you have could be improved. People fail in optimizing call-to-action buttons, for the very simple reasons. So it’s time to stop ignoring little things, especially when you know you can depend exactly on them. If people are clicking, conversion process is starting and if not, nothing is happening. They will probably leave your site without the will to ever return back. Because of this, call-to-action button is probably most important component of your landing page. People usually find excuses and fail to optimize their calls-to-action.

They can say that if visitors really want their things, little button is not playing a big role of breaking or making conversion. If you have space only for 2 or 3 words on button it can be hard to get creative. These are just excuses that are blocking conversions to go higher. Your call-to-action should get visitors to act and not just summarize. Don’t limit your button to maximum of 3 words. Entertain the so called lizard brain in people. This is part of humans brain that is still in power of some of our actions or decisions. We have survival instincts and part of it is that we are able to see the differences in environment. Make button that will stand out and people will be most entertained by it, which means getting most numbers of clicks.

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Many wonder what is the best color of a call to action button for conversion because there are so many colors to choose from. Well, there’s no single best color as it all depends. There are many different groups of people, and they all also respond differently to colors. But don’t think just about colors for buttons, think for your brand too as good color will increase recognition of your brand by 80%. So what shape should your CTA button be? The truth is that we as humans like to see more rounded shapes then sharp edged shapes. They take less cognitive effort in order to process something. For many years buttons with round shapes have been presented as something that you can press so it’s logical to think that buttons shaped like that are screaming ” click here ”.

Does size matter? Well, in this case yes. But how big your CTA button should be? Plain and simple, make it large enough so you can attract attention of people who visit your page, balance is the key. We live in age where mobile phones are dominating and what does that mean for your button? You need to be optimized for mobile phones or you’re going to start loosing conversions no matter what you do. There are just some of the changes that are easy to test. CTA buttons are important for business online as they bring lots of subscribers and customers. Just imagine the thought of your business growing so much with just few changes to those tiny little buttons.