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How To Write A Perfect Statement Of Purpose

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How To Write A Perfect Statement Of Purpose

Statement of purpose is maybe one of the hardest thing, but also the most important, that you will need to write in your life. But, as you already know, graduate study requires determination and focus to reach that degree. This is the reason why committees are very closely examining your statement of purpose and they want to see if you have what’s required to succeed in graduating. Different schools probably have different prompts but they are looking for practically the same 4 parts of information. What is it that you want to study at school, why you want to study that, do you have some experience in the field and what are your plans to do with degree once you obtain it. Explain them why are you interested and from where did you desire came for study. Don’t spend too much on your autobiography, keep it short and simple. Committees are looking for something more then just having experience, you got to present yourself with well defined and clear interests.

Keeping this in your mind, the statement you wrote has to represent how deeply you care for the discipline you chosen so you can support your sentiments and ideas. When asked, always respond directly and little less flashy or creative. Try to be selective, as you being a graduate student, they will probably call you to do some hard research and coursework. You might need to design entire course or even teach some classes of undergraduates inside your field. You will probably have to get along with colleagues diversity who will work close to you. You have to be focused but this doesn’t mean you need to be boring. Make unique statement of purpose. One of great methods to do this is to openly discuss about your idea in the field that intellectually turns you on. Just keep in mind that the idea you choose, will speak about you for admissions.  Look at everything from positive perspective and don’t write in passive but in active voice.

If you want to demonstrate something, do it by example – show that you’re persistent person. If by some case you had something that affected grades such as illness, write it down. This shows your perseverance even though you faced obstacles. Unless program is saying something else, the ideal version of your essay should have between 500 to 1000 well chosen words.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the feedback. Try to show your statement of purpose to people you respect, or maybe professors who will probably write you some recommendations and get you feedback for the content before you send it.

Ask someone else to check your statement for grammar and spelling mistakes. A fresh pair of eyes can sometimes pick up something you didn’t see. When you are finished with presenting yourself, thank your admissions committee for taken time, they are reviewing thousands of applications from other people along with one from you. Good luck!