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How To Structure A Perfect SEO Optimized Page

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When someone mentions on-page SEO, I’m quite certain you already heard many things about keywords or meta tags, probably enough for a lifetime. But for those who don’t know, what is on-page SEO actually? Well, it’s a method of optimization of your content for search engines. This includes practices of keyword placement, image usage, readability, URL optimization and many more. So, now you’re probably asking how will you build greatly optimized page? This is one tough question even for many SEO people who are already in marketing web area. There are probably hundreds of good methods on where and how to place keywords, but as everything is evolving, so you have to always be up to date.

Structure of perfect SEO optimized page

First of all, on your page you should have links that are rich with keywords but short. Don’t put up ugly version of URL or long ones. Google itself said that first 3 to 5 words in URL link are most important. The content of your page is what is really worth something, especially for ranking on search result positions. It is after all what users are coming to see at your page. So it’s really important to make a great content, but what makes it good? Every great content has 2 things. It has to be linkable and be able to supply a demand. Information is being affected by both of these attributes, just like the world’s markets. From the perspective of a SEO, there is no real difference from worst or best content online if it is not being linkable. If visitors are not able to link that content, search engines will not rank it probably and because of this the content is not going to drive traffic to website. Sadly this is happening much more often than people can think.

The second most important factor after content is title tag. They are important for search engine page results for displaying snippets of a page. Title tags are also called title elements which are meant to be accurate description of website’s content. They create value in 3 very important areas which are browsing, relevancy and results of search engine pages. Social sharing buttons are probably not going to play crucial role in ranking your page but still they will attract more people on your content. One research has showed that buttons of social platforms can increase social sharing of your website by big 700%.

Look at content pages as the crucial part of your website, as they are the reason why people will come to your page. Pages that are optimized are providing unique value and not just unique content. Having great content is not going to hurt you, so you really don’t have an excuse for not posting awesome things.