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Benefits And Tips For Working Remotely

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Working from home in your PJs and not going to the office every single day sounds like a great idea. Last few years, the number of people that are working from home or outside typical work place is on the rise. But what working remotely actually means? Remote working is doing your work life with the help of internet connection and technology from home or anywhere outside the company’s office. There are many benefits that could surprise you if you decide to work from office every day. You can have any kind of office when working remotely.

Your office can be really anywhere, literally as long as you have an internet connection. You are not tied to your home at all.  This doesn’t have to mean you need to work at that coffee shop close to your place. You can bring your work even when you are travelling on the plane or car. Even if you travel that doesn’t mean you need to have polished shoes and and nice suit if it’s not the style you prefer. You can also save money on food because you can make your own lunch from home or drink a coffee. What I really think is great is that you can schedule the time of your work, meaning you have flexible work time depending on what is the best time that suits you as long as you are meeting all the deadlines. You can still put let’s say 8 hours in the morning or do the specific hour schedule and use the time however you want. Even if you relax for 10 mins every hour or listen to some good music it will refresh your mind, and no one will complain about it.

Working remotely means having less sick days also. Don’t lie to yourself, think just how many times you decided not to go to work because you had sore throat or caught a flue. When working from home you can still do the job and  taking care of yourself at the same time. One research has proven that on site workers are much more frequently sick then those who are remote working. Working remotely means working alone, and this gives you more chance to learn and be independent. Because you are not surrounded with other people you can develop skills on your own asking questions and looking answers.

Even though there are many benefits to it there are some disadvantages too. For example you can become distracted. You will do the work for 2 hours and then take a rest for half an hour sitting on couch and watching TV. Your favorite show comes on and suddenly you are glued to the screen so it gets harder to get back. Also, since you are working on site you are completely dependent on technology. If there’s no connection you practically can’t do the work or use apps for business like Dropbox or Skype. If you are social person, forget having the workplace social life and interacting with others because you are doing it all virtually and it’s not the same as when you go with your coworkers on drink.

Even though there are disadvantages, working remotely is perceived as good thing for almost any company or business. But, be aware as any business that wants to include remote working should know and understand that it requires a lot of work, and investment in systems, procedures and setup.