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If you own a smartphone, you probably tried big number of different apps. You may also be one of users that is lot into tech stuff so you also spend hours writing and reading about apps at the same time trying to see how you will organize them on home screen of your phone. While you’re probably very familiar with apps you’re using to organize your daily schedule and get more easily through the day, you really have no idea what of those apps and if any at all will you still use 10 or more year from now. This leads me to very interesting question. What type of apps are we going to be able to download in the near future? It’s very interesting to see trends now, and think about which apps we will use in 10 years.

New type of apps will run on ever faster broadband connection. A study was performed in one school which showed that 86% of total students said they believe that for 10 years will capitalize so much. Imagine gigabit fast net connection. Apps could take advantage in a way of showing high quality videos or even telepresence apps that could enable people from everywhere around the world to collaborate with each others from far distance. This kind of technology will rush us in a new era where today’s internet of text, recorded video and images is replaced with higher quality streams. Interacting with merchants, educators, doctors and many others will look like instant life like interaction through video that will not require having configuration or setup at all. By the year 2025, some predictions are that tech will become so advanced people will start to use technology to capture almost anything from their personal lives with the help of sensors and cameras stored in toys, home medical devices, smartphones or cars.

Apps for virtual and augmented reality will really take off. Augmented reality can help people to better understand their surroundings in real life, while virtual one will be used for simulation of environments, especially in gaming world. Forget real life, live in your imaginative world and visit something whenever and wherever you want. Apps will also enable you to monitor yourself completely. We see the rise of apps for health tracking and in near future we’ll be able to continuously check everything from workout regiments to the diet we use. You will also be able to share all that info with others and compare.

This way you can learn about yourself even more. It will help us to manage time more better, not just overall health of our human being. You will find out how often you write emails, how much time you spend collaborating with other people and much more. Of course, not everybody shares this opinion. Many people believe that by 10 years from now, we are not going to even use mobile apps in the form that they are presented today. People go even more by saying we are not gonna use same gadgets and devices we’re familiar with today. We are slowly coming toward the era with unlimited bandwidth power when we are not going to be limited by connection capabilities anymore.