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Are You Boss Or A Leader

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Are You Boss Or A Leader

There are mayor differences between being leader or a boss. Maybe you are promoted to the position of being a boss, but that doesn’t necessarily makes you a leader. Boss is very different from leader, just like the industries. Every working group and business has a boss, but just some of them have real leader at the front. The differences between leader and boss are clear and which one company has, will determine what they can achieve and how will they do it. So, if you had the chance which one will you choose to be? It’s really up to you but you have to know there are some crucial things to consider to make final conclusion. Here are some of the examples of crucial differences between leaders and bosses.

Boss is almost always about having control and power, giving orders to others with the attitude that he’s always right. Leader is inspired to succeed, grow and always learn more. He will recognize what employees do and try to nurture and utilize them, while at the same time building their weak spots. When you work for a leader you are in environment where you can solve problems independently and think for yourself. Leaders are always playing offensive instead being defensive. Ultimately what this behavior does is helping their team to make better decisions, being more productive. When it comes to teaching, they will always try to find ways to improve working team. If worker is having something that’s blocking his or her work, leader will try to fix their their problem by demonstrating how it’s done. This way of teaching will give enough confidence to worker adding value and feeling they can move forward on their own.

Boss usually blames others depending on her or his own authority. They are using people instead of helping them to grow and develop. When leader walks in working area he inspire enthusiasm and positive energy while seeing boss instills fear inside. They are watching each move workers make. This is because bosses don’t have enough trust in individual or team to do the job effectively. A real leader has total confidence in his working team while at the same time providing feedback. Leader knows when it’s time to step back.  If you want to be god leader, you need to understand when you have to let your workers handle their responsibilities.

If you aspire to transform into leader from being just a boss, there are certain things you need to give up. Don’t do everything your way thinking you’re always right. Get rid of ego. Have your world view challenged. What we really miss are great leaders. So, get ready and make your choice.