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Staying Current in IT


In this modern age of ours information is everything. If you are not well informed you are often considered useless and unable to contribute. In every business nowadays directors rely on technology in order to forward their companies, so they can’t be provided with outdated and surpassed solutions. On this matter, how do you maintain a high level of awareness when it comes to rapidly evolving disciplines such as information technology?

A prerequisite for any actual activity on keeping up to date is being mentally active during most of your day. It’s kind of a stand by mode in which you are ready to receive useful information not only during your work hours but also after of even before work. Don’t miss out valuable info while reading the newspaper with your morning cup of coffee, cause you might get a thumbs up from your boss later on during the work day.

Being up to date with technology is all about combining different resources in order to obtain targeted information. The most popular source is naturally and expectedly the Internet – sites with tech related content that provide fresh innovative facts from the IT world. Statistics show that around 74% of people address mentioned sites in search for the latest news on the subject. To some minor extent other resources would be the papers (yes, people still read the papers and magazines), then interlocutors outside the  work environment (be all ears in tech related conversations), videos on-line (a lot of picturesque video displays and performaces out there), colleagues inside one’s company (be a team player, accept advice and suggestions) and finally websites of vendors in charge of certain technology products of interest.

When it comes to actually purchasing a technology requirement that would imply prior thorough consulting with adequate colleagues, conducting significant research and then approaching vendors. It is less likely to be able to meet them in conferences or other similar events than simply reading about them during the course of your inquiry.

Many tech-news-thirsting individuals rely on visual presentation,and that is why almost 93% of them regularly check out various types of uploaded videos on the subject of technological development. Seeing such videos might result in visiting a vendor or contacting him for further, more detailed information, and if not, one may often forward it to friends with similar, thus expanding the knowledge network.

Depending on the type of person you are in your learning, whether you’re a visual or a verbal type, you can choose among different source material. Dig in and expand your work skills with investigation and initiative towards improvement – that is something every employer will appreciate. The point is there is no reason to be intimidated by constant growth and new inventions – that is what evolution is all about! And like in nature the survival of the fittest also applies to the IT world. Be sure that it doesn’t require a lot of time, just focus and endless interest. In other words, you can always dedicate those precious minutes spent on chatting on Facebook with perfect strangers to reading an educational software review and complete your brain’s IT database daily update.

Below you can check infographic with which you will stay current in IT: