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20 Spectacular Authentic Magento Fashion Themes For Any Industry

Magento Theme Templates for 2016

The fashion industry is flourishing and may remain forever. Online Magento stores are trends to follow, and current post is depicting comprehensively how you can make right selection with the help of your dependable Magento developer team.

Magento is king in eCommerce platforms with its advanced technologies and tools it offers. Magento has a huge user base with more than 200K businesses including big brands and SMBs.

Like other open source eCommerce platforms, Magento community also boasts with plenty of template providers and developers ready to create for you. Templates or themes in another word are available for different eCommerce niches/industries/businesses.

Magento Fashion Themes

In the mobile era, almost all themes in the market are responsive by design and programming. Today we have focused our attentions towards fashion industry and would like to evaluate at least 20 Magento fashion themes, which are popular and trendy in 2017.

Ideal Criteria for Best Fashion Themes

We know the main objectives of a fashion eCommerce store are:

  • Psychologically cut the distance between online customers and products by providing product page supports for huge, detailed, and plenty of product images
  • Zooming and retina display features for the product images
  • Powerful product navigation schemes to ease product reach
  • Advanced search features for quick product search
  • Room for display featured, new, and favorite products on home page and elsewhere
  • Advanced shopping cart features
  • Best order, shipping, and checkout features
  • Room for extended content, product reviews, and ratings
  • Exceptional on-boarding and help system


Facon – No. 1 Magento Fashion Themes

Facon magento fashion themes

Facon is an ideal Magento 2 responsive theme for multipurpose use including women fashion, men fashion, high fashion, and fashion accessories. Apart from some basic features, it has many outstanding features that make it favorite among the fashion e-commerce stores owners.

Layouts: It has more than four pre-make layouts, which make it a powerful design tool

Powerful admin panel: It allows power users and developers to create custom Magento store without indulging into programming

Headers & Sliders: You can apply any header style and use Magento extensions for slider styles such as Tab Category Slider, Banner Slider, and Recent Product Slider

Menus: From the framework settings in the admin panel, you can tweak mega menu settings for the custom top menu for desktops and mobile displays.

Blog Integration: Blog module is included in the theme to reap the most from content marketing.

Quick view: It allows to access quick product info and shopping cart features to do fast shopping.

AJAX enabled: Facon has AJAX enabled add to cart and layered navigation system.

Facon theme is quick to install and with the simple database to manage. Theme supports multi currencies and multiple languages.


Brize – No. 2 Magento Fashion Themes

Brize Magento Fashion Themes

  • It is responsive and retina ready Magento 2 theme
  • It offers four layout options for home page and store
  • It supports custom colors and Google fonts for typeface styling & awesome font with scalable vector icons
  • It is multilingual and supports multiple currencies for global trade
  • Extensive customization tools
  • It has AJAX enabled shopping cart, wishlist, and comparative shopping supporting features
  • AJAX layered navigation allows users to search products by category, brands, and price tags
  • AJAX toolbar allows real-time updates without reloading of product, category, and other pages
  • Product sliders for product display
  • Daily deal module with easy configuration
  • Category tab slider
  • Newsletter and blog modules to include
  • Pro zoom extension available
  • Mega menu and quick view support


Ketty – No. 3 Magento Fashion Themes

Ketty – Clothing Store Magento Theme

It is a professional theme with the latest responsive web design trends and capable of setting a voguish tone for online apparel store.

  • Background video to leverage video marketing trends
  • Blog to gather and enhance customer relationship
  • Mega menu extension to customize menus
  • Configurable swatches for color, fabric, and size
  • Social media widget to leverage SMO marketing
  • Badges to indicate status and value of products
  • A number of previously built theme layouts
  • Product gallery for product showcase
  • SEO friendly theme


GG – No. 4 Magento Fashion Themes

GG Magento Fashion Themes

It is perfect responsive web design theme for multi store Magento shop.

  • It is HTML 5, CSS 3, and Bootstrap 3 supported
  • Powerful admin panel to customize modules with easy configuration
  • Unlimited color styles to apply
  • Quick view popup for quick shopping or product selection
  • AJAX enabled shopping cart module
  • Elevate Zoom and light-box features
  • Sliders for various category of product display
  • Blog and social media integration


Arise – No. 5 Magento Fashion Themes


Arise is a multipurpose responsive Magento theme for fashion niches with specially built layouts for designer clothes, wine, furniture, jewelry, watches, beauty store, and cosmetic store.

  • It supports HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding
  • It uses Google fonts and requires no core modifications for customization
  • It is multilingual and multi-currency supporting theme
  • It is optimized for fast loading using CSS Sprite techniques
  • SEO friendly and supports unlimited banners and sliders for promotions
  • It has configurable swatches and cloud zoom feature integrated
  • It is easy to customize and easy to use


Intenso – No. 6 Magento Fashion Themes


It considered as the most advanced Magento theme with responsive web design and based on Foundation 5 framework.

  • It has 12 custom extensions to power it more
  • It has SEO friendly customizable sliders
  • You can display featured products with more freedom in design like unlimited blocks to any CMS page or static blocks with six presets
  • It provides streamlined way to write, comment, and read reviews with excellent presentations
  • Admin panel allows creation of blocks to display featured categories
  • Attention grabbing CTA, logo slider, and product labels
  • Awesome billboard, layered navigation, and quick view features
  • A trendy off-canvas menu and mega menu


Parna – No. 7 Magento Fashion Themes


It has a sleek and simple design that is ideal for a fashion store.

  • It has built in color presets of pink, orange, violet, and emerald as well as unlimited color combination
  • It supports responsive, boxed and full-width layout with customization capacity
  • It offers different menu types including mega menu, CSS menu, and mobile menu with sidebar, select box, and collapse styles
  • Quick View popup to see product details and buy product instantly
  • Mini Cart feature to remove product from the shopping cart without accessing the product page
  • Alternate image on mouse over can make display of another facet of the product image
  • It has customizable 10+ static blocks with various sizes
  • It has powerful listing page, detailed product page, and contact us page templates


ARW Boutique – No. 8 Magento Fashion Themes


It is responsive fashion theme with great customization options.

  • It comes with four header styles and more than three product list options
  • It has powerful admin panel for extensive customization and myriads of designing tasks with drag-n-drop interface
  • A plenty of static blocks are great for layout customization and content presentations
  • Drop down style shopping cart on header grab immediate attentions of shoppers
  • Mega menus and smart menus are evidence of awesome navigation options
  • Product thumbnail slider, advanced product lists, and product tab extensions as well as product label support offer opportunities for best product display and conversion optimization friendly theme
  • If provides wide, boxed, and fluid like multi-layout options


Love Fashion – No. 9 Magento Fashion Themes

Love Fashion

It is a stunning boilerplate for the online fashion industry and other allied niches.

  • It has five colors presets and unlimited color options
  • It comes with different Home page styles, full-width layout, and boxed layout options
  • Powerful mega, CSS, and mobile menus
  • It comes with many free extensions for extended functionality and features
  • It supports six different types product profiles
  • Room for custom wishlist page, cart page, and contact us page
  • Cloud zoom, inner zoom, and popup like product image effects
  • Display options for up-selling and related product using sliders
  • Marking enabled for new and on sale products
  • Brand based product search using sliders


Dresscode – No. 10 Magento Fashion Themes


It is fully customizable responsive design theme based on Skeleton CSS framework using Grid 960.

  • It offers unique and exclusive banner/slider options
  • It provides product labeling options from admin panel
  • Enables display of daily deals
  • It comes with social media widgets
  • AJAX enabled shopping cart
  • Customizable slideshow comes with touch enabled navigation
  • Zoom features for product display
  • Tabbed view of product details
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Customizable drop down menu and shopping cart in header



Allure – No. 11 Magento Fashion Themes


As its name suggests, it is slick and sophisticated responsive Magento theme for the fashion industry. It has capabilities to match with your magnificent products and your expectations in fashion niche.

  • Four fashion skins
  • Different menu styles
  • AJAX enabled navigation, price slider, toolbar, sort-by, paging, and other features
  • Up-sell product display slider
  • Drop-down shopping cart in header
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support
  • Cloud zoom with light-box
  • Powerful admin panel module
  • Customizable color, size, and style options for product pages
  • Customizable theme with color and layout style options


BeautyShop – No. 12 Magento Fashion Themes


It is responsive Magento theme suitable for any purpose including fashion, and it comes with stylish design and powerful back-end.

  • Header with customizable blocks
  • Two mega menu types and customizable menu blocks
  • Custom body background, color, and patterns
  • Responsive sliders with effects and mini sliders for additional banners
  • Advanced promotional banners & horizontal banners
  • Product carousels with animations and effects features
  • Product badges features
  • Custom footer block with social widget integration
  • Product options and attributes
  • Cloud zoom feature of light-box
  • Animated shopping carts, wish list, and compare products like product buttons
  • Custom tabs for product data display
  • Related product showcase
  • List and grid product display


Auriga – No. 13 Magento Fashion Themes


It has powerful theme framework for fashion world including clothes, caps, and other accessories.

  • Multiple colors for choice
  • Powerful admin panel with customization tools
  • Responsive them compatible with all modern browsers
  • AJAX extensions for shopping cart, toolbar, price slider, navigation layered, and paging
  • Customizable product grids
  • CSS powered static block with customization capacity
  • Product page with customization capabilities like product image effects, quick view, image views, tab settings, up-sell products, and related product displays
  • Featured and labeled product slider
  • Use Bootstrap framework


Proshop – No. 14 Magento Fashion Themes


It is retina ready and fully responsive Magento theme for fashion stores.

  • Custom layer slider
  • Boxed and full-width theme styles
  • Powerful admin panel with color customization, carousel options, and product options
  • Static CMS block
  • Grid and list views for product display
  • Multi-store ready
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support
  • Switchers for currency, language, and store view
  • Easy to install and customize


Great Shop – No. 15 Magento Fashion Themes

Great Shop

The template is specifically designed for fashion industries and provide seamless Magento experiences for shoppers.

  • It has six presets of colors and designs
  • Mega menu, CSS menu and mobile menu options
  • List and grid options for product display
  • AJAX extensions for layered navigation, shopping cart, slider, and paging
  • Slider for featured, on-sale, up-sell, related, and special product display
  • Drop-down shopping cart on header
  • Editable images
  • Powerful admin panel with customization tools
  • It offers cross-platforms and cross-browser supports


Metro – No. 16 Magento Fashion Themes


It is fully compatible responsive Magento theme for heavy fashion and other stores with global e-commerce supports by offering multilingual and multi-currency supports.

  • Six skin varieties
  • Unlimited color settings
  • Custom home page
  • Slideshow banners with effects
  • New product, up-sell, and feature product display sliders
  • Standard menu and wide menu options
  • AJAX add to cart
  • Price slider
  • Drop-down shopping cart on header
  • Powerful admin panel with tools for customization


Trendy – No. 17 Magento Fashion Themes


It has all modern and trendy features to support fashion world Magento e-commerce.

  • Responsive and touch enabled theme
  • Badges for new and featured products
  • Static block options for customization
  • AJAX enabled advanced search feature
  • Quick view for products and shopping cart
  • Cloud zoom for products
  • Fancy box for product view
  • Background customization options
  • J Query enabled Super fish menu
  • Social links in footer and product views


Zada – No. 18 Magento Fashion Themes


It is responsive magneto theme for mega store needs and dedicated to fashion, sports, gifts, and allied niches.

  • Unlimited color skins and premium theme for selection
  • Good colors and module combinations available
  • Custom sub-pages and easy to use
  • Mega menu with multiple columns and blocks
  • Extensions for blog and testimonials
  • Price countdown module for incentive timer display
  • Banner 7 extension for CSS enabled effect for new, featured, most viewed, and other product displays
  • Product and category tab sliders for details
  • AJAX-enabled features for fast and comfortable shopping experiences


Incredible – No. 19 Magento Fashion Themes


It is a decent responsive Magento theme for fashion and allied world.

  • Optimize for fast performance and loading
  • Supports HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • SEO friendly features and code
  • Smart product grid
  • Unlimited banners and sliders for various purposes
  • Featured and bestseller products modules
  • Mega menu options
  • Shopping cart drop-down
  • Custom tabs for product details
  • Structured and comprehensively commented code for easy customization


Mozar – No. 20 Magento Fashion Themes


It is specifically dedicated to the clothing and fashion industries.

  • It is retina ready responsive theme
  • Multiple layouts
  • Custom colors and icon fonts
  • AJAX enabled login, cart, wish list, and compare feature for real-time and seamless updates
  • Product sliders & custom banner sliders
  • Mega menu
  • Blog module
  • Pro-zoom features
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support
  • Static blocks for customization
  • Google map integration



The fashion industry is durable and growing online with steady rates. Fashion is regional and local phenomena in most cases so demand for standard fashion stores are increasing and Magento is the best option for the industry to go online.

Author Bio:
Tarang Vyas is a Head of Development Team at Mag E-commerce Studio, the Leading Magento Web Development Company. He has been in the industry for the last 15+ Years.