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Five Authentic Expert Keynote and PowerPoint Themes


Keynote theme is a template/theme designed specifically  for the use on apple devices. A PowerPoint template is for the windows machines, we sweetened the situation by selecting some PowerPoint themes as well. However, just in case, we will include the Mac and Windows versions for each one of them we honor in this list, so you do not feel left in the dark.

Allow me to ask you few simple questions. Ever had an important Keynote speaking day, where you had to present your presentation in front of huge audience, and you couldn’t decide, how you want to go with the design? Are you tired of boring, no creative keynote themes that you can find anywhere and just don’t do the job ? Branded and ugly designs ? If the answer to these questions is “YES”, I’m tired of  the same scenario, I am tired of using the same theme over and over again, We want to offer you a solution. We have put together a list of keynote themes, specifically capable to adjust to any industry. The best part is that the themes can be used over and over again. Every new presentation will be unequal and outstanding to highlight your keypoints and throw a light into the ideas, you want to bring forward.

Choosing the right keynote theme is not an easy job, no matter what everyone else tells you. Yes, you might say that it is more important, what your  slides contain,  and also that it does not matter, how your presentation looks. This is very wrong! everything matters!

We beg you to differ in what you do. Our vision at Techinfographics is to hint on the important concept, the content that you are presenting, needs to be delivered in the best way possible. This includes the design of your theme, not just the content of your presentation.  I still remember the days at University. Our lecturers used to remind me, the same sentence, over and over again. “Do not put your audience to sleep”, be creative and open minded. Yet, again people still do the same mistakes. We want to help you avoid, common mistakes others do and give you the exact recipe for an amazing presentation.

In this article, you will have the chance to see all the features that, some of the most creative keynote themes have to offer. By the end of the article you will have a full insight into every aspect of these themes, so that you could make your choice. Whether that is Keynote or PowerPoint themes (templates) we have it covered.

Investor Pitch PowerPoint Theme

Let us say, that you need to pitch an “idea” to some of your clients or possible investors. Let us say that you have what it takes, you have an excellent idea but you just lack that final touch. This is where Investor pitch theme goes beyond all the PowerPoint themes you can think of. It will allow you to modify each and every part of the theme, every single icon. The whole purpose of this theme is to make your presentation look professional and trustworthy.

In order to help you in your task, Investor Pitch offers 28 pre-made color options and more than 67 thousand original slides. Would that “dress up” your presentation and make it even better? It certainly will.

keynote theme


keynote theme

  • Data charts (Editable via Excel) – Every little change you make is coherently translated and displayed.
  • 3500+ Vector Icons! (Envato Seller Support)
  • PPTX and PPT
  • Unlimited Color Variations With No Limit
  • All Graphic Resizable and Editable
  • World Map
  • Flow Chart Infographics
  • Process Diagram Infographics
  • Stage Diagram Infographics
  • Map Infographics
  • Handcrafted Infographic in Powerpoint
  • Based on Master Slides
  • Pixel-perfect Illustrations
  • Easy Editable Charts
  • Section Break Slides


Apple Keynote Version is also Available

Concept Keynote Theme


This awesome keynote theme comes in two different color schemes. You can pick between the light and the dark version, each one of the two, offers the same features and benefits. So if you ask yourself “Why two different color schemes?” the answer is simple. It looks authentic and gives you more space to maneuver . With two different color schemes you can create two different identities in your presentations, which will look completely different. But you don’t need to lean to those cheap tricks, 150 unique slides and completely customizable design, offer you the possibility to create a different set up each time.

keynote theme


What more can you expect? How about full HD presentation with fully animated slides option? Is that something that makes you think about it ? We thought so!


UX Modera Presentation Theme for Keynote


In case you want a simple, yet creative and professionally designed business Keynote theme, you might want to consider Modera Keynote theme. This is a powerful theme that offers great user experience, with its simple customization options. This means that you can customize this theme even if it’s your first time working with any Keynote theme. There are a lot of different options that you can use, all offering a unique look for your presentation.

It won’t be hard to impress your audience when you have a choice between 3000 pro slides and 12 different themes. This gives you a vast number of different customization options, making each presentation seem original and fresh.




  • 3000 professional slides
  • Over 900+ vector icons
  • Over 100 amazing backgrounds bonus
  • 12 Amazing modern multicolour palettes
  • Master slides ready
  • Aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3, 16:10, A4
  • Print layout 300dpi ready
  • Versions in Bright and Dark
  • Easy editable content
  • Editable Graphs
  • All objects are vector
  • Custom animated slides
  • Logo template bonus
  • Brake slides
  • FULL HD and RETINA Modes
  • HELP comments into slides for easy navigation and hints
  • FAQ and HELP instruction files all included
  • Well organized documentation for used images
  • Modern, attractive and business orientated

 best powerpoint templates

Marketing Strategy Keynote Theme


This is a fully customizable theme that offers series of themes for keynote, which will make your presentation look sharp and professional. With 2500 slides and over a thousand vector icons, your business will get the natural attention to any of your audiences. Capture the attention of your listeners with one of two color styles Marketing Strategy theme has to offer. The expert graphic solutions will allow you to present even the most complex data analysis and make them easy to follow. We all know how some graphs can hold too much information and actually show just a few usable results. With marketing strategy theme, your data will be easy to understand and fun to create.





  • 110+ unique handcrafted slides(25000 Total)
  • Over 1000+ vector icons (All Icon-monster FREE)
  • Versions for Keynote 5 and Keynote 6
  • Versions with effects and without effects
  • 20 incredible pattern backgrounds
  • 16 amazing modern color palettes
  • Master slides based
  • Aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3, 16:10, A4
  • Print Layout Configuration (A4) 300d DPI
  • Bright & Dark schemes
  • Easy editable content
  • Editable Graphs
  • 100% Vector Orientated
  • Custom animated slides, and Non-animated Slides
  • Ultra-Full HD and Retina
  • FAQ and HELP instruction files
  • Well organized documentation for used images
  • Modern, attractive and business colors

best powerpoint templates

Startup Pitch PowerPoint Theme


Startup businesses are extremely fragile endeavors, especially for those people that are new to creating business and pitching ideas to investors. This is the reason, why you need a powerful tool that will make your job easier and help you create the best authentic  presentation. In order to make a good impression, you need to look good in every aspect, and presenting your business is the most important one. That’s where Startup Pitch takes the spotlight and helps you present your ideas and data in the best way possible. With 100 slides and eight concept points, you will be able to present every aspect of your idea and capture the focus even with the most reluctant audience. All you need to do is follow the concept ideas and use them to present your work.

With rich animated slides and three interactive business model canvas slides included, you have more than you need to present your idea just the way you need it.




  • 100 Slides
  • 16:9 (Full HD)
  • Ready to use Icons
  • Animated Rich Slides
  • PPTX. file
  • Documentation Included
  • 3 Interactive Business Model Canvas Slides Included in the package

best keynote templates 2017


Nowadays, presentation is more than half the work you need to do in order to close your deal. That is why software companies and creative teams all over the world work every day in order to help people present their ideas in the best way possible. With the right presentation, you can have the upper hand you need to reach success. Life is getting harder every day and sometimes you just do not have enough time to create a presentation from scratch. That is where keynote or PowerPoint themes, come to the rescue, with time-saving, creative solutions that you can customize to your precise needs.

We presented you with these themes because, we want you to be good at the things you do. Did you already try any of the themes? Let us know about your experience in the comments below. Let us know if you require custom themes for your business, we prepare and design bundles. This is with what we pride for at Techinfographics.