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Business Icons Set with Exciting Authentic Selection

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Business icon set comes a time when you feel like you need to refresh your website and engage your audience with some graphic updates. It’s safe to say that the easiest way to fresh up your presentation is to throw in some new icons, just for the start. Changes made in such a way are discrete but powerful and such changes can really animate the public. This is why in this article we are going to see some of the most interesting website icon packs there are on the market. Each of these design solutions is meant to make your design crisp, fresh and up to date. So enjoy these interesting icons and pick your favorite.

Business Icons – Blue Series

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An interesting set of 50 different business icon solutions designed to make your business presentation look modern and professional. All icons are fully editable which means that you can change their features in case you feel that they could use your personal touch. In order to edit these icons you don’t need to be a professional, even the basic users can do it. All you need is some elemental Photoshop knowledge and you will be able to customize these icons. Each icon in this set can be used more than once, as many times as you need it.

Set of Flat Design Icons

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Some people prefer flat design business icon for their presentations. There’s a certain flare to flat design and as much some people love that crispy sharp 3D look, flat design has its own charm. If you are a fan of this kind of graphic solution then you are going to love this 270 pieces set of icons developed for multiple industries. No matter if you are in management, marketing, design, SEO, eCommerce or any other field of work, this set will offer some useful and creative icons for your presentation. Add to all these features the fact that all the icons are editable and layered, ready for Photoshop manipulation and you have a winner.

176 Papercut Icons

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If you are going for a fun and creative way to present your business then this set of business icon set is the best solution you can find on the market. Amazing set of 176 paper cut icons available in 5 different co colors by default. We said “by default” because each icon is available as vector and Photoshop file which allows you to bring in your custom color palette. And the best thing is that you can edit all icons no matter the color.  All icons are listed in five separate groups which include:

  • Classic
  • Medical
  • Ecological
  • Real estate
  • Weather

SEO Services Icons

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If you are an SEO expert or enthusiast you surely know how important it is to put the right object into right place. And you know that visualization is an important aspect of SEO as people spend more time on website with smart design solutions. This is an excellent solution for all SEO and web marketing services presentations due to its explicit design intent. This means that the design of these icons is specifically designed for SEO purposes. Four different versions of 60 unique icons offer a smart and fun business look to your website, e-Card or a presentation.

SEO Company Services Icon Set

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This is yet another business icon set, SEO targeted that gives you the opportunity to rise above the competition in terms of presentation design. You can catch the eye of your prospects with smart and creative design solutions that represent SEO values in the best way possible. The design is accurate and stylish and all the icons are completely re-sizable and fully editable. All you need is just some basic Illustrator or Photoshop knowledge and you can edit color or size of each icon in this set. There are many applications for this icon set and some of them include:

  • E-commerce Solutions
    • Content Management
    • Link Building
     • Web Marketing Analytics
     • Web Development
     • Google Places Optimization
     • SEO Consulting
     • Keyword Research
     • Competitive Analysis
     • Website Optimization
     • Press Release Optimization
     • Social Media Marketing
     • Video Marketing
     • Mobile SEO

Business And Advertising Agency Icons

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All advertising experts can agree that presentation is an important part of any deal. No matter what you offer to your customer it matters how you present your product or service. This business icon set offers four different versions of icons designed especially to suit the needs of people involved in advertising business. But don’t think that you need to be a marketing genius in order to use these icons, they are good for all occasions. Each icon is fully editable, you can change the size and color of every single icon in the set. These icons offer a modern and corporate look to your presentation while keeping it lively and fun.

Business Items Flat Icons Set

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This set offers modern, flat design icons that you can use to animate the visitors on your website or any other kind of presentation. All icons are editable and available for customization so that you can get the most of this amazing set. You can even take it a step further and use these creative icons as an app icon set. Just imagine having a business app you want to launch and you need a fresh, simple and effective icon set. If this is your situation, this set of icons is practically all that you need.


All these icon sets give you a chance to improve your business and decrease the bounce rate on your website. All you need to do is use them to present your ideas and keep them fresh and up to date. Having a modern and intelligent design is important part of public presentation, especially if you are representing a business. This is why we highly recommend these icon sets as we are sure that you will notice a positive influence on your business.